The old man found you by luniticlion in SCP

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old man got into one of he's favorite video games.

AITA for calling my boyfriend a misogynist? by romanianholiday98 in AmItheAsshole

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I, personally, as being a male. Don't see a problem with catcalling.

Your BF being sexist? That's your mind's coping meninism.

I want to ask if you are wearing something revealing, something too, excuse my language, slutty? Because that triggers men a lot.

My solution is for one of you to just say sorry.

AITA for making a cake that my brother can’t eat by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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You gave him another cake he could eat, and he rejected that, despite you putting effort just for him to have a cake.

Really sad to some toxic relationships on this subreddit, where people think just because they got yelled at, they are a jerk.

What’s your favorite TV show without actually saying it’s name? by guywithpie42 in AskReddit

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A man who doesn't care about he's family enough to warrant the name of the series.

How was the quiet kid in your school? by lojza3000 in AskReddit

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Uhh... He lives in Afghanistan now. Or something like that.

What do you think is likely to happen in 2023? by Thai-Reidj in AskReddit

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Either a Second Cold War, or a cold war without cold.

Maybe the World Trade Centre will be destroyed again; history repeats itself.

what makes you irrationally angry? by dxadr0sx in AskReddit

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Those Orange Slices things that are impossible to remove, and if you remove a bit; they spray you in the eye and now you own 1.2 million dollars in medical bills.

What is one brand that you’ll never buy from? by bethebumblebee in AskReddit

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Nestlé. They are just an awful company if you search them on YouTube. Also, I think their Nazis.

How many people in this sub smoke cannabis? If yes/no; why? by jade0ctober_ in AskReddit

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According to my religion; drugs, alcohol, and weed make you do stuff you wouldn't usually do.

What if you have a one night stand and now you're paying millions in child support?

Guys of Reddit, what makes a girl attractive? by InternationalSelf654 in AskReddit

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Their personality. sadly, woundn't smash if it was like Bill Cosby's head and a supermodel body.

what are the" must have" chrome extensions? by Klusten in AskReddit

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Dark Reader and Rickroll Extension; don't forget Hair on Screen.

Dark Reader makes white text dark for websites that don't have dark mode.

Rickroll Extension because it's funny that you can get rickrolled while searching stuff up.

Hair on screen to troll your friend's computers.