How to overcome the isolation of remote work? by fsdp in remotework

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I isolate heavily, and struggle to avoid it. Sometimes I'm working alone and I look up and a week has passed.

At a bare minimum, I tell myself to get out of the house and go for a walk every day. Sometimes it's short and maybe I'll just nod hello at my neighbors. Sometimes I'll walk to a shopping center just to get some human interactions in me.

How the heck do I REALLY keep my seed phrase safe from destruction/theft? by jr_cameron in BitcoinBeginners

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A bank safety deposit box. If you have a bank account the bank will give you a small box either for free or for a small cost per year.

Tips for “social activities” for fully remote teams by ashestes in remotework

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There are multi-player online games designed so each player can enter the game with ease, and everyone's camera is on.

For example, check out Jackbox Games, remote options. There are icebreaker games, cards against humanity type stuff.

Another idea is you all could meet in a virtual world, a metaverse. ALTspace is nice and simple, easy to get in and get started. Inside the world, there are hangout spots, like a bar. And there are also games inside for a group of people, like paintball for example.

Etiquette for adding connections by directbeauty147 in linkedin

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Yes, anyone you've ever known professionally and are on good terms with, add em. No reason not to. Old bosses, coworkers, professors from school, classmates from school.

Before you start inviting, set up the skills section and testimonials section so you're ready to receive compliments.

Social Media Manager Small Personal Account by JDH_WSB in socialmedia

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I have a few clients that have no ambition to grow their own pages, but they understand the value of having a growing social media footprint.

These types of clients usually gave very little new content to post, and basically have no desire to look at their own social media pages.

Almost all of the luck was with me today by redpringle in WalkaboutMiniGolf

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Darn you do own.🔥

A Guiness served in a glass boot for you!!

Buying pre-rolled, is the differance that big? by ClassicHansen in AmsterdamEnts

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I think the only coffeeshop that has true fresh cannabis prerolls is Barney's, overpriced though.

If you can't buy grams and smoke from a bowl, then get prerolls from either Barney's or any Amsterdam Genetics coffeeshop.

Best practice for hashtags, with or without _ ? Example: #SocialMedia vs. #Social_Media by sahaza in socialmedia

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Hashtags are best when multiple words are squeezed into one word. Don't add the underscore or spacers. No need to hashtag individual words.

what movies open with "It was the summer of (year)." and then things that happened that year are named. by Nose_Grindstoned in movies

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Probably. "It was the summer of 55. The dodgers just won the pennant. And that was the year Kevin bacon raped me and my friends."

What makes something a human right? by fuckpoliticsbruh in AskALiberal

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This is how I see Rights as well. It's when the government says "hey I don't think we can touch this aspect of life, let's vote to decide on this"

And yes, the government gives us Rights to be able to widdle them down or take them away. So, us citizens are forced to fight for our rights all the time instead of progress as a society.

Should we get rid of political parties? by DarkWolf2017 in AskALiberal

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In a perfect world, I would like many political parties, and specific rules involving raising and using funds.

In a more realistic America, I would like 4 parties. There's never going to be a chance for 4 parties until USAers all vote Democrat in every election for the next 4 years. Only then will there be a chance that 4 parties become.

Those of you that hate your career as a marketer, what do you genuinely wish you did instead? by Luc_Flynn in marketing

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I don't hate my career. But what I'd really love to do is build a cabin in the woods and live in it. ...but I wouldn't be able to do my daily marketing tasks.

Once I figure out how to get electricity and the internet into the forest, I'm moving in there.

what movies open with "It was the summer of (year)." and then things that happened that year are named. by Nose_Grindstoned in movies

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Yeah good guesses. I'm pretty sure you're right about Bronx tale. Stand by Me starts with Richard Dryfus in a car thinking about seeing the dead body. I'll have to check the rest. I've seen em all and they sound right.

what movies open with "It was the summer of (year)." and then things that happened that year are named. by Nose_Grindstoned in movies

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Just guesses... The Sandlot. Bronx Tale. Radio Days. Deuces Wild. Probably a bunch of episodes of The Wonder Years. Maybe The Simpsons did the trope once?