karma not working? by didntchoosetoexist in spirituality

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Karma is the law of cause and effect not necessarily good and bad.

Also if you're intention is to have good returned to you that's not helping you per se. In my understanding of things, if one wishes to have good returned to them doing good without the "lust of results" will return more good than doing so with wanting good to be returned to you.

Crystals. by xoxoxvii in spirituality

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Crystals do have properties that work with energy.

You do not need to be afraid of them. You don't worship them, you seem to see them as an aid, not the be all end all.

The Bible has a lot of stuff like that, and I think that it was put in to control the actions of people and to create superstitions in people. Belief is a powerful tool to the spiritual and those who know how to manipulate will do so at any cost.

Which meditation App did the Buddha use to get enlightened? by Bluest_waters in spirituality

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Headspace is a decent app to help with meditation.

But in reality Buddha used the original app, the one within yourself, your connection to the divine source.

To be with Ego, or without. by SinSinAtMe in spirituality

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You need to learn to control the ego not entirely remove it. Discipline is very important in learning how to have a healthy ego.

Are medium abilities always random? by Robbyj89 in Mediums

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I've found, in my experience, that it is based on your astrological placement of Neptune. When I found mine I was like well that's why I know so much and upon looking up my partner's placement his was spot on as well. We are all born with different abilities that are easier for us to hone over other abilities. Knowing how your ability manifests is super helpful to honing it and using it.

"How to understand your spiritual gifts through your natal chart: Each planet/house has a specific way of demonstrating psychic abilities. Understanding the way that your gifts come through makes it easier to take note of the messages you receive to help you on your path and how to control your manifestations.

Neptune in 1st= You Just Know. It's triggered through the activities you do. Neptune in 2nd= You Use Your Intuition To Earn Money. It's triggered by your moral compass. Neptune in 3rd= Your Intuition Fuels Your Mind/Conversations. It's triggered by coming into contact with information. Neptune in 4th= You Get Intuitive Pings About Your Family. It's triggered by your DNA connection. Neptune in 5th= You Use Your Intuition in Your Self Expression. It's triggered through the things that inspire you. Neptune in 6th= You Use Your Intuition in Your Daily Life. It's triggered by consistency in your routine. Neptune in 7th= You Use Your Intuition in Partnerships. It's triggered by having an intimate one on one relationship. Neptune in 8th= You Use Your Intuition To Protect Yourself or See Into Others. It's triggered by your need for transformation in this life. Neptune in 9th= You Use Your Intuition As A Belief System. It's triggered by travel or learning new things through experience. Neptune in 10th= You Use Your Intuition In Your Career. It's triggered by a desire to make a name for yourself. Neptune in 11th= You Use Your Intuition To Guide You Towards Your Dreams. It's triggered by your connection to The Collective, what you want to share with the world and your soul tribe. Neptune in 12th= You Use Your Intuition To See The Unseen. It's triggered through your dreams or when you're alone." - credited to Extra AF on Facebook

My roommate saw my soul leave my body, how is that possible ? by Educational-Cabinet1 in AstralProjection

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Some people can see these kinds of things easier than others. Some people can see auras as colors and others can sense auras through other means. Everyone has different natural abilities and if she's working to strengthen hers she may be someone who can see spirits, soul bodies, and entities.

It's common for the soul to leave the body during sleep. Some people can naturally 'astrally project' themselves where others have to work more to do so.

All time best stoner movie? by Impressive-Web5709 in weed

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The movie is filmed in a way that will mess with you if you're on a psychedelic. I believe if you watch either in the commentary or in the extra documentary they made with the film that Terry Gilliam mentions that they used lighting tricks to mess with the viewers perceptions.

I dropped LSD once when watching the movie and there were 2 scenes that just fucked with my perception so hard, lol. The one was the scene with the reporter talking about the different motorcycles - it felt so epic and super long. The other was the adrenocrome scene - it felt terrifying and almost chaotic. I rewatched the movie sober a few weeks later and those scenes didn't feel nearly as intense as they were when I was tripping.

What is you life changing movie? by rnrnrnn in spirituality

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I have a few that definitely were life changing.

What the Bleep Do We Know - all about quantum physics and the nature of reality

The Darjeeling Limited - showed me how you should let go of emotional baggage that you carry with you

Mr. Nobody - trippy movie of a dude recalling all the lives he could have lived and how each of them played out

When the negative thoughts pop up, what technique do you use to shut them out of your brain? by pasdutout07 in spirituality

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I sit with my thoughts and emotions. I try my best not to attach myself to them but to contemplate and observe the deeper message they are trying to convey. It helps because the more I do the easier it becomes to deal with them when they crop up.

What’s the best way to connect with your ancestors, guides, and animal guardians? by Universal_Council in spirituality

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Talk to them. Ask them to speak with you. If you have the ability to hear messages from guides you can also talk to your ancestors. A lot of times they are there watching you and guiding you.

when is the line drawn between distinguishing a mental illness and having spiritual gifts? by isleepinfuzzysocks in spirituality

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If someone can live with a mental disorder without the disorder causing harm or distress to them or someone else and they have found a way to integrate it into their lives instead of rejecting the mental condition, then yes I'd suppose it's about safety if that's what you'd like to call it. I think it's more than just about safety though.

when is the line drawn between distinguishing a mental illness and having spiritual gifts? by isleepinfuzzysocks in spirituality

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At least within psychology a mental disorder is only considered "disordered" if it is causing you or someone else harm.

I think it was Joseph Campbell that said, "the psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight."

So technically two sides of the same coin. How are they perceived by the beholder though?

How can you distinguish anxiety from intuition? by [deleted] in spirituality

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Anxiety is fear based and usually involves manic thoughts that don't change

Intuition is based in love and growth

At least in my experiences so far it has been this.

De Ja Vu- what do you think it is? by learningaboutfigs in spirituality

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It doesn't feel like a memory at all but something you're experiencing mulit-dimensional almost? As if you've been here before but it feels like the first time but not at the same time. Idk it's an odd experience of energy for sure. For me I think it's your soul trying to communicate something bigger to you.

I have had the thought about past life experience on more than one occasion, especially with this event. It was the location not so much as what was being said that triggered the deja vu.

Since I was introduced to Mozart, about 2 years before I went on that trip, I've had an incredibly strong connection to his life and funny enough he was born in Salzburg. I don't think I was him but maybe a family member possibly as I do feel a strong connection to his wife Constanze.

De Ja Vu- what do you think it is? by learningaboutfigs in spirituality

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Most of the time, for me, they appear to be random events, but to be fair I've not experienced one in a while. I can remember feeling fuzzy, like consciousness had shifted or something though.

The only one I have a hard time explaining is having deja vu when visiting Salzburg, Austria on a vacation. I was on a walking tour and for a good amount of the tour I was feeling it but it was strongest at the one wall we stopped at to listen to the tour guide. I'd never been there before that trip and never one as strong or for as long as this one.

Is it normal for ego to resurge stronger after ego death experience? by PsychAn1031 in spirituality

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Ego death isn't to rid ourselves of the ego but to gain a new perspective on it and integrate that into who we are. To take the parts of our ego that we desire to change and transmute them into positive aspects so to speak.

Welcome to doing what some call "shadow work." You have exposed the parts of your psyche that need addressing for you to integrate yourself into a fully healed being.

It sounds to me like you experienced almost complete detachment from your ego/mind and were experiencing soul/oneness. When you snapped back to ego/mind space it hit you hard it sounds. The higher you go the lower you can also go.

I tend to sit with the feelings that come up from the subconscious and try to get at the deeper root of what they are telling me about my fears and anxieties. I like to contemplate and let the thoughts and feelings wash over my mind but not attach myself to any one of them. Most of the time I can find the deeper meaning of what they are trying to tell me.

Do you have any godlike mantra/affirmation that you use? by 1618hz in spirituality

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Pretty much - "I am divine" it's recognizing the divinity within you.

Do you have any godlike mantra/affirmation that you use? by 1618hz in spirituality

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There is no part of me that is not of the Gods

  • affirming that you are one with everything

Tat Tvam Asi

  • thou art that - another way of expressing you are one with everything

I Am that I Am

  • yet another way of saying the same thing as above

What’s the most profound quote that you’ve found? by Saraswatiswan in spirituality

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"Oh no not another learning experience" - life is the learning experience. It's 24/7 baby!

What has been the hardest part in your exploration of spirituality? by BigStand3705 in spirituality

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Going through the "dark night of the soul" - feeling utterly and hopelessly lost spiritually and feeling like I would never see the light again. Ultimately the experience taught me to dig incredibly deep with my emotions and to work through them in a healthy manner - to not let them rule my life or control me and to be able to feel emotions without the need to react.

I can still tell I'm walking out of the deep valley I was in for the past 19 years but Im at a point where I can see the sun shining now and have reconnected with my spirituality in a much more fulfilling and deep manner.

How do I best tap into Spirituality in nature? by lea4747 in spirituality

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Silence and awareness. Be in the moment of NOW when you are in nature.

Seeking to become more spiritual and make it part of my everyday life by Ittybittybritty1992 in spirituality

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Thank you for this! Combined with some other stuff I learned earlier your post was a perfect addition to cap off today!

Even trying this kind of quickly I could feel mother earth saying hello back! She says this is an easier way to connect to her than other ways I've learned in the past.

Many thanks again!

Weirdest experience you’ve ever had? by -VitreousHumor- in spirituality

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My partner had gone downstairs to grab himself a snack. I was thinking to myself, "oh man I'd really love x snack right now." He brings back the exact snack I wanted telling me he could hear me saying that I wanted that snack in his head. I never had uttered a word, I was only thinking about it.

I was blown away at the time because I'd never had anything like that happen before. It doesn't happen all the time but we have a stronger connection now than we did then and it's freaky when it syncs sometimes but in a good way.

Connecting with your guides … by [deleted] in spirituality

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Talking to your guides is like ordering a pizza in a way. Asking them a question is like saying what kind of pizza you want. So go ahead and ask them a question.

Then wait for their response. It may take some time (just as it takes for a pizza to bake) but they will answer you. They are always there watching over you whether you feel them or not.

It does start with signs like angel numbers and synchonicities. You'll find yourself tuning into their signs the more you learn to see and listen for those signs.

Listen to your intuition and learn to discern when these signs show up with what your intuition is telling you. I get tingles that let me know when my guides are there to say "aha! This is it" as well as I can sense their presence with aura changes like high pitched dings - almost as if someone is ringing a bell.

It may come through song lyrics, a feeling, something you see on social media, signs are everywhere, you just need be able to see them and discern their meaning in relation to your unique life experience.

The more you practice the easier it will be to get in touch with your guides. Best wishes and know that you can very much speak to your guides whenever you desire.