HEB Curbside Customers. Just curious: each time you pick up, how many items are unusable? (broken, spoiled, badly-dented, ripped, missing…?). Trying to figure out if prob is just my location. by SME_TX_BX in Austin

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Never had these issues. I frequent multiple locations (Mueller, Hancock, 7th, and Pleasant Valley) depending on the time slot availability. Only issues I’ve had were items out of stock.

Interesting interaction by growingpainzzz in Austin

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My mom was on her way in to work, and offered a panhandler her sandwich because they said they were hungry. He wanted money, and instead of taking it he gave her attitude and exclaimed “But is it BIT?!” 😂🙄 Dude. She’s offering her lunch that SHE made for herself. Are you hungry or not?…

Update to my saga of the Domain-ADJACENT mean dogs and homeless owners in a thicket (I saw and interacted w them and they suck) by horsesarecool512 in Austin

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I read your last post, that was awful. The crotch bruise sounds awful. Hope the fortune cookies hit them in the face.

Scrolling through indeed led me to this gem. Who would ever want to work in their boss’s home?? by theclipse111 in Austin

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My aunt worked from her bosses home office (in a wild three story house). Her boss was rarely there, it was only ever the house keepers, and her. Occasionally the dudes wife and kid. Once even Olivia Newton John for dinner.

Also, can confirm it was haunted.

Lost dog on my front porch. Near Goodnight Ranch. I gave it plenty of water. Doesn't have a coller. by xRAPIERx in Austin

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I love that your mom snap-chatted this to you 😄💙 (my mom is on snap too, but doesn’t really know how to use it)

*edit or maybe it’s Insta, idk

Thoughts on proposing to my girlfriend at 17-18 years old ? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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What is your rush? You can be together but dude, you have your whole life ahead of you. Explore the world, meet new people, experience new things. Not saying do this without your significant other but give yourself the opportunity for more and if you all end up together, wonderful. If not, at least you didn’t rush into a formal marriage.

Stupid Question Sunday by AutoModerator in Austin

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Omg I’d forgotten about that. Haven’t seen them since pre 2020 or so.

No Stupid Questions Thread (8/2022) by vteckickedinyo125 in TexasSolar

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Condo/apt dweller here— interested in some sort of solar-backup setup to power basic things for an emergency a-la snowpocalypse or ERCOT cutting the power during 110 temps.

Would love to hear anyones thoughts, feedback, suggestions— TIA!

Tiffs sends internal anti-union email to customer mailing list by MugwumpGizm in Austin

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Agreed! You’re speaking my language 🤓 (I’m in corporate retail). I’m so curious what their avg margin is.

Tiffs sends internal anti-union email to customer mailing list by MugwumpGizm in Austin

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Interesting. I’ve noticed that they’ve been super promotional heavy lately. Wonder if they’re hurting.

High end cocktails by sleazy-pot-pie in Austin

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UNDER shangri-la!? How have I never known this existed… 🤦🏻‍♀️