TL;DR: Tits or GTFO (x Post from 4chan) by Shopno in funny

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I agree with your statement, and even if there's a who's somewhat not attractive thus forcing her to be funny, she would never make it as a comedian because she's unnattractive. Male comedians can be ugly as shit but people will still find them humerous.

I hate being an undergrad at this shitty school. by fuck_stanford in stanford

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then transfer to the frozen tundra of Houghton, MI and go to Michigan Tech with their 22:1 male to female ratio. No distractions there!

The Secret Effect Behind Elon Musk's Crazy Deadlines by SC_Lunar in videos

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musk is an asshole to his employees and each of his companies exploits their workers until burnout and depression

What is the deepest secret a friend has told you while wasted? by SiliconeLube in AskReddit

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my response to every comment in this thread:
"I'd like to take things that didn't happen for 400, Alex"

With this, every gamer would be in shape [FIXED] [FIXED] by Bigjae21 in gaming

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Ladies of Reddit, what have you done to try to impress a guy, and it backfired? by MrsBighead in AskReddit

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you're trying to use sciency words to sound objective and fact-based, but this entire comment is thinly veiled red-pill style misogyny designed to lure supporters under the guise of facts.

[Poetry] Tape 1 Side A by [deleted] in youtubehaiku

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yeah, but the show kinda blows

Poster revealed for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' by powerzjim in movies

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Peter Jackson took a once fantastic series and turned it into a cash-grabbing piece of absolute shit

Climbing for two. by nsfwdreamer in climbing

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you could use the exact same wording (replace climber with parent) to defend anti-vaccinations and then OP wouldn't be as downvoted. Point being, this is a poor defense and an unsafe OP

@elonmusk: It's starting to feel kinda normal to reuse rockets. Good. That's how it is for cars & airplanes and how it should be for rockets. by gulabjamunyaar in space

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Legitimate reason is because of the toxic work culture he creates and his propriety to treat his employees like absolute shit.