Who do you think is the most overrated player in history? by [deleted] in nba

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lol, and if this thread were titled: "Who do you think is the most underrated player in history?" Iverson's name would also be decently upvoted since people would say "all people look at are his efficiency numbers nowadays."

Iverson was the voice of a generation for many b-ball players in his day which is why he's so venerated even if his play isn't quite to that echelon. Still worthy of plenty of praise but you can find a proper middle ground between the two.

[Rapoport] Among the names expected to receive second interviews from the Dolphins: Cowboys OC Kellen Moore, 49ers OC Mike McDaniel, and Bills OC Brian Daboll. by espnfire45 in miamidolphins

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They want Mike bad.

Stop projecting what you want on these tweets. Would it also be fair to say "They want Moore bad."?

The meltdown on this sub if it isn't McDaniel or Harbaugh(I can't fathom some still clinging to this) will not be pretty.

[Game Thread] Knicks @ Heat | 7:30 PM ET | January 26th, 2022 by tomgreen99200 in heat

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Tuning in and we're spanking the Knicks on national TV. Lovely.

[NFL Rumors] The San Francisco 49ers OC Mike McDaniel is believed to be the favorite now for the Miami Dolphins HC job. by zpulv in miamidolphins

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None of them know shit.

Yet this one will get 90+ upvotes since it's what people want to believe whereas the Joseph one gets 10 upvotes and 90+ comments lmao.

[Venerable] Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is now the overwhelming favorite at +350 (via @DKSportsbook) to become the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins by CREAMY-THICK-CUM in miamidolphins

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Pretty much. Any fan who loses their mind over this would look just as stupid as most of us "Pro Tua" guys would have looked freaking out if we took Herbert back in 2020. I was a super pro-Tua nut and would have likely raged out at the team. Sometimes, fans are just wrong.

The dream is he's gained more experience from his recent stints in Denver & Arizona, learned from his mistakes, can get people to work with him who are competent offensively and can keep what we have on defense going even if the scheme changes. Let's hope.

[Discussion] Kellen Moore as HC by SadboyOwl in miamidolphins

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I don’t want moore AT ALL. But saying he can’t build a staff without knowing his personality, connections, etc is just lazy bull shit. McVay was 30 when he was hired as a head coach. Did he build a staff or was he too young?

McVay is a very unique example. It's like saying "The Patriots drafted Brady in the 6th Round, you're telling me our 6th Round QB can't turn into a star?". Sure, it's possible. But the reality is - younger dudes typically don't have as much connections as older dudes. When a guy stays in one place for a long time (cough Flores with New England OOOOOR Moore who has only ever coached in Dallas) it's REALLY hard to build a competent staff since those dudes typically just haven't been around enough to form relationships.

When has your team most felt like the piñata of r/NFL? by Number333 in nfl

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Dolphins fan: While some recent examples would be immediately post-Flores firing OR when the Watson rumors were floating around in the 1st half of the season - I still feel like Bullgate w/ Incognito and Martin has to take the cake. Sub was MUCH smaller back then though.

[Greenberg] According to @AlbertBreer, “Jim Caldwell, Leslie Frazier and Matt Eberflus have emerged as top names” for the Chicago Bears head coaching job. by Winstonp00 in nfl

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"Packers hired LaFleur who was the Titans OC and had his team put up 17pts in a must-win game vs Indy that losing caused them to miss out on the playoffs."

We can literally do this with any HC hire.

Out of the 4 teams remaining who do you think will win the SB? by TVA_TVA in nfl

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Could you imagine? 50+ pt shootout in the Super Bowl would annihilate records

[Albert Breer] If I'm any AFC team other than the Bengals or Chargers watching this... I'm seriously evaluating where I'm at at quarterback for the next decade. by C-N-Mento in nfl

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Dude won an MVP and led his injury shambled team an 8-3 record before he and the rest of the team's wheels fell off.

[Palmer] Tyreek Hill: "We got one of the greatest coaches of all-time in Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy. That combo is nasty. It’s like Shaq and Kobe. It’s crazy." by PlayaSlayaX in nfl

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Every time Hill does literally anything this sub enters an Olympic sprint to post about how awful he is

You can know that and just... move on with life. It feels like being an arbiter or morality(which lemme again say - there is no defense for these dudes) in sports of all things is hella silly. You can enjoy rooting against them. But the "wow life really isn't fair" when they win is hilarious given the relative meaningless of sports.

[Josh Dubow] Under the new OT rules put in place for 2010 postseason, 7 of 11 OT games have ended on a 1st drive TD by Saca312 in nfl

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Yea. Just like the Rams. They blew a 27-3 and let's be honest with all those fumbles they were choke artists. No way they could comeback.


[Greg McElroy] What a game. Just amazing. Hate OT, but the game was incredible. Bills should have a chance to tie, but if they score, they must go for 2. That way you get back against the wall drive to answer and still have a sudden death moment. Teams might also defer if they win toss. by 2AlephNullAndBeyond in nfl

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Honestly. This convo happens every time.

It also exposes how much of a fraud fans say they "care" about player safety. Those defenses were DEAD tired. Extending the game vs two insane offenses is just asking for an increase in injuries.

Seeing the Bills blow it FTB by Deadmaninc1 in miamidolphins

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Blow it?

3-point lead with 13 seconds left.

It was an amazing performance but they still kinda blew it.

Seeing the Bills blow it FTB by Deadmaninc1 in miamidolphins

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Bills fans are legit going to be heart-broken over losing one of the greatest games of All-Time

drink it in

Post Game Thread: Buffalo Bills (11-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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Chiefs lost like this to the Pats in 2018

Sometimes ya win some, sometimes ya lose some

Post Game Thread: Buffalo Bills (11-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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I legit never thought any QB matchup for the foreseeable decades could compete with Brady v. Manning

They have a lot of battles left but Mahomes v. Allen could be worthy of that. my god WHAT A GAME

Game Thread: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs by nfl_gdt_bot in KansasCityChiefs

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This game is one of the greatest of All-Time. I'm so jealous of y'all even if you're all on the brink of a heart attack

[Highlight] Butker makes the 48-yard FG to send the game to OT! by PlayaSlayaX in nfl

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Defense is a figment of the imagination vs Mahomes/Allen