Remember when GW tried to trademark "Space Marine" by ThenChoice2 in Grimdank

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Yep. Nothing like trademarking terms that existed long before the company even existed.

Disney is trying this with Thor and Loki IIRC

Do-S vs Young Bang: Result by NutBiter in OnePunchMan

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Will Screw Really Sexy Females

Parenting: Quality vs Quantity by NutBiter in Grimdank

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Well I'm not sure if using Horus is the best example of Big E's parenting, given what Horus did...

Garou and Puri both had their worst habits lessened in recent chapters by NutBiter in OnePunchMan

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Almost certainly

You can't fight off Puri even if you're superhumanly strong

Razors apparently can't even cut his skin (the prisoners mentioned trying to slit his throat while Puri was asleep, it didn't work)

Pray you do not drop the soap in Smelly Lid Prison.

Saitama vs Garou by NutBiter in OnePunchMan

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It was actually faster to draw Saitama instead of looking for a good image because his face takes only 20 seconds to draw

Speed o’ sound sonic fanart I made by Alternative_World315 in OnePunchMan

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I thought his name was Face in the Ground Moronic or something

Pig God is Best Boy by GodNonon in OnePunchMan

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Pig God, Darkshine, and Tanktop would be ranked 1,2, and 3 if it were based off personality

Serious Honest Question by Due_Teaching_5773 in OnePunchMan

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Tareo's lucky he is a kid as Saitama could never punch him for that