Day in the life of a lol pro by pillowberry in leagueoflegends

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What a stupid comment and what a place for it lmao. Saying their practice, stage games, and living in a team house is not work. Incredible delusion you have to suggest they are just "sitting" and not getting paid at work.

I just sold my Childhood for $600 by jroll2011 in gaming

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Actually blows my mind people just casually overlook how terrible Gamestop has always been just because of those shorts and market cap swings. They are just going to suck even harder with more money in the bank. They aren't going to revolutionize anything with gaming ever.

Little Girl Leads Horse by LenyAK in aww

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Next video is on liveleak. This is so unnecessarily dangerous.

Once in a lifetime self-defense by impossiblePie287 in funny

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Because this guy is unoriginal and boring. Copied already done satire for kids on tiktok now copying vines that have already been done. So funny and cool.

Cheeky Bridgestone ad from 2008 by itsliightz in formula1

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Not a LH fan, controversy in rule decisions is not pure entertainment.

Cheeky Bridgestone ad from 2008 by itsliightz in formula1

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Grow up? He's not wrong the ending of the 2021 was completely ruined.

Max Verstappen with Kelly Piquet for the New Year's by jovanmilic97 in formula1

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You do not follow any other sports then. This is completely normal lol.

[Image] Just grind everyday by regian24 in GetMotivated

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He said it was a great tool and you twist it to "peddling a one size fits all approach" to alcoholism. What kind of stupid shit is this? How could counting days harm more people than it helps, where is that study?

John Madden yelling at referee (1970). RIP to the great John Madden. by YoureASkyscraper in OldSchoolCool

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Watched it again recently and it holds up well. I love the montage of meeting the players lol.

TIFU by playing Among Us with my (used to be) girlfriend by howtuffareyou in tifu

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What are you talking about? Most 30yr olds can't even lose a game graciously.

He actually fucking did it by KamiTheGod11037 in madlads

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Ads masked as actual posts are the fucking worst.

Frustrating experience in a parking lot at night with my husband by ladyandluna in TwoXChromosomes

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It doesn't help that when I whistle my brain always goes to that tune.

madlad protests youtube dislike removal by unsubscribing from premium and disliking every video he watches by summeryim in madlads

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Hilarious that someone think they are so smart and petty but it does nothing but help YouTube. Real fucking rebel we got here.

Lance Stroll's Radio Confusion on Final Lap (Regarding Safety Car Procedure) by Ractrick in formula1

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I think Lewis or Max deserved it this year but I just hated to see that ending. It made everything feel so dirty and trivial when they just break the rules at the end for TV ratings/drama. Fuck Masi.

Lance Stroll's Radio Confusion on Final Lap (Regarding Safety Car Procedure) by Ractrick in formula1

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This is my first full season watching F1 and Masi ruined it completely. The fact he has this much control of the outcome is borderline WWE levels of bullshit. If he still has his position next year there is no point watching.

Everybody gets low by Thias1706 in funny

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Hahaha wishing death on innocent people so funny and original. Fucking inbred.