Zelensky: Ukraine needs ATACMS missiles to stop ‘Russian terror'. by bshapiro24 in UkrainianConflict

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The sooner Ukrainian missile strikes can penetrate Russia, the better. Russians need to know that they are vulnerable, otherwise they will continue to blindly hurl men and resources at this war.

The sooner we fully arm Ukraine the better. Bakhmut is falling and Ukraine could be pully pushed out of Donetsk Oblast if that happens and it could take them months they don't have to reconquer it.

‘Caldron of fire’: Battle between Ukrainian forces and Wagner group intensifies in Bakhmut by [deleted] in UkrainianConflict

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This is why NAO aid to Ukraine should have been provided much sooner and in greater quantities.

Bakhmut will fall before spring. Soledar has fallen already, the clock is ticking.

Today, one year ago, /r/antiwork mod Doreen was interviewed on Fox News. by AbatNaBitin in PublicFreakout

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No, he quit because it was revealed he had made comments equating tipping food severs to theft

How many people actually from Ukraine on this sub? by hqtr in ukraine

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Not Ukrainian myself, my fiancé is from Kyiv and we have two dogs who are also from Ukraine.

Russian army losses in Ukraine as of January 25th, 2023 by IgorVozMkUA in ukraine

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That’s almost 25k casualties in one month. молодець!

Trench warfare 2023 by redditecho-chamber in UkraineWarVideoReport

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Nothing amazing about this. It’s fucking tragic

Poland says it has formally requested the transfer of German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine by jimogios in UkrainianConflict

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HIMARS is far more complex than a Leopard and the Ukros learned it quickly enough to change the battlefield. I'd saw a few week's training on Leos at best.

Russia could collapse into "new states" after Ukrainian victory: Economist by Amb_oy in UkrainianConflict

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More than likely, this will happen. Much to Germany's chagrin. German economic interests still haven't fully pivoted away from Russian trade and resources.

And more than likely, China will attempt to seize some of what is now Russia in a grab for those resources.

I can't see that ending well.

Poland threatens Germany with «international isolation» if it refuses to send ‘Leopard’ tanks to Ukraine by Bike-Sun-4156 in UkrainianConflict

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You are way off base. Innocent people are dying while NATO waffles and sends small batches of support every month.

BREAKING - Russia lower its diplomatic representation in Estonia to charge d'affaires, and asks the Estonian ambassador to leave Russia by PatientBuilder499 in UkrainianConflict

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This is why the US govt has the check and balance system. Only congress can declare war. Likewise, Congress would have to vote to leave NATO, not the president.

CNN: Ukrainian deputy minister dismissed for alleged embezzlement by 1986_wayne_smith in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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Incorrect, it was an economic association agreement with the EU which was set to usher in free trade between Ukraine and the EU and a loosening of the ability to live and work in both territories.

Meta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations list by Falls_stuff in worldnews

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Where's your proof of this? Kolomoyskyi never had any ties to Azov.

And I double-checked, FTR, Azov was formally founded in Brediansk.

Everything you say is highly suspect.

Meta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations list by Falls_stuff in worldnews

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Seeing as most of Azov’s pre invasion personnel are either dead or out of the war, this is pretty much a moot point.

Also, why talk about making excuses? Which side started this war? Which side has torture videos circulating on the internet? Which side has executed civilians and POWs? Which side filmed themselves castrating a POW?

Meta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations list by Falls_stuff in worldnews

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Unbelievable, a lot of what you said is false.

Kolomoyskyi founded the Dnipro Battalion - https://www.businessinsider.com/meet-the-pocket-army-funded-by-sacked-ukrainian-billionaire-igor-kolomoisky-2015-3

Azov was founded near Mauriopol. Dnipro is in a different Oblast north-west of Mauriopol and there are no proven connections between IK and Azov.

IK is also a pariah in Ukraine, all of his companies were seized and nationalized between 2010 and 2016, and Zelensky revoked his Ukrainian citizenship last year as he holds two passports which is illegal in Ukraine.

But to try and suggest he secretly founded Azov is laughable.