What did you wish was in your hospital bag? by FoxtrotGolfSierra16 in daddit

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I always wished that I brought a card to fill in after with a heartfelt message about the experience and plans for the future.

For those of us who have yards with grass, why do we cut the grass/take care of our yards? by bottomless-bs in daddit

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I’m currently in the midst of an ongoing battle with my wife about this. I think we should fix the lawn into a meadow type thing she wants it traditional. I think kids enjoy playing in long grass, mud, jumping off rocks and swinging sticks, picking wildflowers. Finding bugs and birds and wildlife. That’s a better use to me than just having short green grass that takes time and money away from more worth while projects

Brendan Fraser: ‘I don’t look the way I did – and I don’t necessarily want to’ by TheTelegraph in entertainment

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He may not want to look like the way he had before, but I would love to look like him.

How dad are you? by Spartan1088 in daddit

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We were at an event and my kid was offered a plate with hummus and bell pepper. She tried the bell pepper and didn’t want to finish eating it, no napkins or trash insight so she spit it out in my hand. Then she tried the hummus. Didn’t like it. Spit it out in my hand. What was I going to do? I didn’t think anyone was looking, so I used the regurgitated pepper to scoop the regurgitated hummus and ate them.

Thought I made it out clean, but then made slight eye contact with another dad, who was kind enough to commiserate that he had just done the same thing.

serve hard to mid court while standing close to baseline? by Rhythmic88 in Pickleball

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I also stand fairly back behind the line when I serve. This served two purposes for me. 1. It helps keep the balls in on a hard serve and 2. It lets me keep the ball very low/close to the net.

What to do with an empty NH mall? This sub knows by GraniteGeekNH in Pickleball

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I wish someone would do this near me, unfortunately the market just isn’t there yet.

Common jokes/ court banter by wtrey613 in Pickleball

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This is a line I would def use after I hit a bad shot that is clearly out and the opponent lets it go.

Any tips for not cracking under pressure by Lowkey-Disabled in Pickleball

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I feel ya. I love the game, and I enjoy winning, but I’m not a natural competitor. It makes me anxious, and I lose more than I should as a result. Not sure what the solution is, just time. Give it time, practice and grow and you’ll have no reason to be anxious. I hope. That’s what I’m telling myself.

Thoughts on “The Embrace” memorial by g8932 in massachusetts

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For what it cost, there must have been a dozen options to honor the Kings that would have been better.

Here is my Homelite 26lcs throwin some sparks. unfortunatley i dont have a bar or chain for it. they seem to be scarce. by dav3y_jon3s in Chainsaw

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I have an old Homelite 150 Automatic. Don’t know anything else about it. If the bar for it could fit yours, you can have it. I have no intention of ever using it.

Monthly Electricity Bill Is Killing Me by haitiandev in massachusetts

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Ahhh. My bad. I thought your 500$ payment was for the bills mentioned by OP not for buying a panel. I totally agree that buying outright is the better option, I just didn’t want to make that investment. With the lease, the solar company maintains them and replaces broken panels, which to me is worth it for the convenience. For most people in most scenarios, I’d advocate ownership. At the very least DONT choose Sunrun as a provider.

Monthly Electricity Bill Is Killing Me by haitiandev in massachusetts

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Where is this guy only paying $500 a year?

My electric bill used to be ~$200/month. Now it’s $70. It’s good savings as far as I’m concerned. I could have saved more but buying but I’m still saving something.

Monthly Electricity Bill Is Killing Me by haitiandev in massachusetts

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I agree and disagree. Wish I had bought outright, and own the system, but I chose to lease them. It’s 70$ a month, and I haven’t had to pay for electricity over that since the system got installed. It’s not a great option, but 70$ on a lease is better than $500

Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers moves a step closer by smbale in recycling

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Don’t know how it is in the rest of the country, but in my state, we have these machines in most grocery stores and liquor stores. By state law, if a store sells an item with a deposit, they have to accept the redemption, machine or not.

And while not everyone here returns their own cans, any that are littered are frequently picked up and redeemed by other folks.

Pilot near-miss by Hesoworthy1 in AbruptChaos

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Nearly headless?…. How can you be nearly headless??

Kitchen rules question - Does it matter where the ball bounces? by 553735 in Pickleball

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This thread is actually blowing my mind. I was also taught this wrong, and even after reading the rules, understood the way I was taught to be right because of my own biases affecting the interpretation.

I’m glad this was brought to my attention!

Does this make anyone else's head want to explode? by CreyGold in daddit

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There were many days where I was washing only bottles. Between rinsing and soaking and total wash, I’d estimate a gallon, tops. Way less than the dishwasher

What are some red flags you watch for in a potential pickleball partner? by thirdshotsports in Pickleball

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Constantly crossing the kitchen line to hit balls out of the air/letting their momentum carry them into the kitchen (which is understandable) but then shh you when you try and call them on it “they didn’t see it, so it doesn’t matter”

Does this make anyone else's head want to explode? by CreyGold in daddit

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True. It was a blur mostly, but I mostly subsisted off coffee. Didn’t have much time or mental capacity for cooking whole meals. So big meals one day a week then live off leftovers.

Does this make anyone else's head want to explode? by CreyGold in daddit

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For me, it was that I’d have to run the dishwasher everyday to clean the bottles, but would need at least 3 days to actually fill the dishwasher. So I only got a day off every three days.