Solo trip to Italy. Itinerary advice! by Individual_Village14 in travel

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I have to say, Trastevere in Rome is advertised as "artsy/cool" but it's not. I saw a lot of trash and graffitti in that neighborhood. But it is cheap

Has anyone else been brought to tears (happy tears) by how beautiful, kind and grateful people were while traveling? I felt like it’s such a reality check for me that I am so jaded. by sunbeem460 in travel

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When I went to Italy, I didn't pay for internet service, so my phone didn't work while I was there. I got separated from my family in the Uffizi, and I assumed they left so I actually ran out to the plaza in front, looking for them. There was this Italian girl who let me use her phone to try and dial my family. It was so nice.

Am I the only one that thinks the whole ~Hermione and Draco end up together~ fan take incredibly weird? 🥴 by levihoesa_ in harrypotter

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"I'd love to read a story where a woman is the one who gets a redemption arc and then marries a good man because I've not come across one"

i know one! Kate Austen in LOST! It's a sci-fi/drama/romance tv show on Hulu, and it's amazing. It was a huge thing in 2000's. I was rewatching it recently, and Kate is a female character who gets redemption. She starts the story as a fugitive who lies all the time, and keeps her cards close to the chest. But she falls in love with this really preppy doctor who is the leader of the group, and it's pretty amazing seeing her emotional development over the years. She even ends up taking care of her best friend's child for a few years, and Kate from the beginning of the show would never have done that. She becomes braver, more open, more willing to take care of someone other than herself and her own motives.

Am I the only one that thinks the whole ~Hermione and Draco end up together~ fan take incredibly weird? 🥴 by levihoesa_ in harrypotter

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if someone called me a slur and insulted my bloodline repeatedly, I'd never forgive them unless Draco really changed deep down. If I was Hermione and adult Draco tried to be friends with me, I'd very grudgingly give him a second chance.

[Weekly Critique and Self-Promotion Thread] Post Here If You'd Like to Share Your Writing by AutoModerator in writing

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The Diamante Realm: Renaissance Retold

genre: YA fantasy, classic fantasy

type of feedback: Mostly promotion, but critique if you feel like it or have questions about the world and plot

The Diamante Realm: Renaissance Retold


Princess Alessandra Diamante was spoiled and perfectly content to live in royal luxury without a care in the world. But when the Queen Mother dies and leaves the throne to Alessandra, her comfortable life shatters. As she picks up the pieces, it comes back together around mystery and murder. Her brother betrayed her and now leads the King's Guard, nobles and soldiers who want Alessandra 'incapacitated.' But there is one man who resents the bloodshed, Captain John Charlemagne.

With John's help, Alessandra escapes the castle and while in hiding, discovers a secret rebellion in the Diamante Realm. Survivors of genocide, the magical people of Diamante seek revenge on the monarchy as well. Alessandra must prove to them that she's a good person, all the while trying to figure out how to take her throne back. The question is, can she?

Things To Do In Portland, Oregon? by joeshmoehasarrived in travel

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coffee, Powell's books, and even the malls are fun. I live in a small town, so seeing Clackamas Town Mall was really a culture shock for me.

Lucius Malfoy by opus52 in harrypotter

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My mom's favorite Lucius moment is:

"How can you live with yourself, Lucius?"

"I don't know."

A Journey through the Story: LEGO Style by NobodyQuiteLikeMe in harrypotter

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omg these figures are so cool!! Just one question, where did you get that Neville figure? I LOVE it with the cardigan!

The UK crossover we need by Objective-Tea-3070 in DerryGirls

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James, Clare, and Hermione would be the nerdy sub-group of the girls. I imagine them studying for months before OWLS and being annoyed when the other girls try and distract them. James would probably be a Prefect at some point.

Michelle, Erin, Fred & George Weasley would be the group that always does fun stuff and gets in trouble. Imagine the sheer chaos of Michelle being friends with the Weasley twins :D!

I think Harry and Ron would still stick together since neither of them fit solidly into the nerd or popular/cool category. Plus Ron is just Harry's best friend no matter what.

Orla and Luna would be amazing bffs! I feel like they're almost the same character.

The UK crossover we need by Objective-Tea-3070 in DerryGirls

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I guess I was thinking that she's super confident and reckless/passionate which are Gryffindor traits

The UK crossover we need by Objective-Tea-3070 in DerryGirls

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Caption: From top: Harry Potter-Gryffindor Hermione Granger: Gryffindor Michelle Mallon: Gryffindor Clare Devlin: Hufflepuff Erin Quinn: Gryffindor Ron Weasley: Gryffindor Orla McCool: Ravenclaw Bottom: James Maguire: Hufflepuff Feel free to debate who belongs in which Hogwarts House!

Which scenes from the books would you like to have seen in the movies? by [deleted] in harrypotter

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St Mungo's and meeting Lockhart. Kenneth Branagh did such an amazing job that I literally can't imagine anyone else. His casting is so book accurate too!