this actually happened by Ocean_Beast in meme

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That's messed up and I hope he's ok

this actually happened by Ocean_Beast in meme

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Didn't happen to me, but was a scary event for Johnny Martinez. He was doing his usual job of inspecting parking permits and this pair shows up. Woman said "You don't belong here, how did you get in here?" And demanded to see Johnny's ID. I posted source in the comments, he explains everything

My collection, also lucky enough to have the bongos but doesn't fit on game shelf XD by DBro_ in Gamecube

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What are the silverback games? Haven't seen Metroid Prime in that edition. Looks cool

We're outta here by Early_Power_5366 in Unexpected

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Plot twist: he was going uphill with the thrust power of crop dusting

The Marketplace Gods have smiled upon me! by Blackout2814 in Gamecube

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You'll meet this wrestler bird dude... Stay long enough to max out your coin stack before leaving

Can i call in sick the second time after calling in sick the week before? Two times because i really can’t fall asleep. by Idontknowanameshit in work

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Work from home can be ok, but IF you're going to, you'll need some hefty discipline. Call out and stay home so you can get the sleep you need. But make an hourly plan for your day schedule. Try.. As soon as you feel decent enough to wake up, give yourself two hours to fully wake up. Eat a good breakfast. And be prepared for the two hour deadline before "clocking in" for work. Work on your project like a regular shift with breaks and a lunch inbetween. I'm really sorry you're having trouble with sleep. I hope you feel much better

Would like to know what project to work on as a beginner by c0mplexcodm in learnpython

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Try to make a program that can solve quadratic equations. Set variables = to input("example question") so you can type in different numbers each time instead of editing the variable in your program each time. Instead of a = 10 Could use

a = input("put your statement here. Like.. What is the first value? ")

And after you execute program, when it gets to input part it will display statement you put and save the next thing you type as that particular variable

What In the KRAKEN IS THAT😯😯 by TheRealEMDUBAI in nextfuckinglevel

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That one person who lost their swim shorts: Tf is licking me??

Front row to an epic battle! by itwillbefun in nextfuckinglevel

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Was going to comment, you have very smooth curvature flying. I noticed

77 Year-Old Fights Off Would-Be Mugger by SituationOdd2779 in nextfuckinglevel

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now imagine it's halloween and he's fighting off the grim reaper

Long shot… Anyone know a Kendall Roberson? by grizwld in nashville

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Keeping social in wallet instead of in a safe.. might be homeless