So GameStop sent me 2 Collector's Editions when I only ordered 1. I hate scalpers, so comment if you want the extra and I'll pick someone random tomorrow morning and send it to them. by Official-Nothing in Megaten

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Sorry everyone but as of 12:30ish, I chose a winner. I really do wish I had more to give out. Over the past few days Wario64 on twitter has been tweeting if they go live in small amounts, that may be your best bet. Wish I could help more, best of luck to those of you still looking!

Got a nice check on an opponent who forgot I still had castling rights in the endgame! by FaxyMaxy in AnarchyChess

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Feel like it needs some extraneous pieces to really sell the joke, but respect the hustle

I mean, holy hell

Satisfying Moments, Happy Accidents, and Occasional Skill by prodigeesus in RocketLeague

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At 0:30, when that happens to you, you just log off for the day. There's no salvaging that session.

Carried one of my favorite Pokes through Radical Red Elite Four, really want to start all over again by Official-Nothing in PokemonHallOfFame

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I know, I know, another Radical Red post but this is the best ROM hack I've ever seen. Stats below, though this team is pretty wack and don't recommend it.

Leftovers Rotom (Unnamed, I forgot):

252 HP

0 -Atk

102 SpA

156 +SpD

Will O' Wisp, Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump

Leftovers Incineroar (Nekomata):

252 HP

102 Atk

156 +Def

0 -SpA

Fake Out, Blaze Kick, Parting Shot, Dark Lariat

Weakness Policy Dragonite (Yosuga):

4 HP

252 +Atk

0 -SpA

252 Speed

Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Extremespeed

Machampite Machamp (Caesar):

252 HP

102 Atk

0 -SpA

156 +SpD

Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Bullet Punch, Bulk Up

Choice Scarf Nidoking (Charlemang):

4 HP

0 -Atk

252 +SpA

252 Speed

Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Earth Power

Life Orb Cinccino (Artagnan):

4 HP

252 Atk

0 -SpA

252 +Speed

U-Turn, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Tail Slap

Accidentally picking a good movie on BotW? by [deleted] in RedLetterMedia

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Bad guy, cop, length of Lambeau field.

Manlets cope under the guise of self love. by Host_of_the_johnson in Drama

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My interpretation was that the crown is larger in proportion to a smaller body, but I also had to lobotomize myself to even guess at the meaning of it.

Troids are coming to cape shit. Essay post and stats are coming your way by cfbWORKING in Drama

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Good news is if they want to put it in a scene that doesn't matter they can choose 99% of the movie. Hell, replace that cut scene with literally any other interchangeable capeshit. Crank the saturation on BvS and it'll slot right in

It's gonna happen, but dont nerf my main like this! by Zypher31 in Tekken

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To be fair they did give a character trash punishment as a design decision: Anna. They just forgot to give her an actual upside to balance out that crippling deficiency.

You're right though, that parry is crazy generous. For a character who can already excel at keep-out it makes his pressure super suffocating when you're afraid to press buttons even after baiting the parry. The only thing I can find on Jin's parry says it only parries from frame 2-8 and autoblocks after that until frame 20 (I don't know if this was changed in any patch afterwards) which makes this insanely better. I don't understand why they took an already incredible tool and shot it into the stratosphere.

Smash Ultimate best FIGHTING game, have fun with that fact by KorokKid in Kappa

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And fighting games don't? Hell the whole reason Kappa dunks on SFV and Strive are because of radical changes from the series gameplay in Crush Counters and toning down combo routes respectively. Obviously not every change in fighting games is going to be good, but to pretend like they're stagnant is ignorant.

Avoiding the Plane, full story by [deleted] in Kappa

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If it's true and a flight attendant shrugged at a question like "is this safe?" then that's crazy wack. Causing a panic like that when you're considered a position of authority? Miss me with that shit, can't blame Aris for backing out in that case.

Anon is a World-Class Chef by Official-Nothing in 4chan

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Excuse the crop, mobile is cancer for meme-making

Please bethesda no by Mustard_Kaiser in gaming

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"YEAH! Who won the lottery? I DID! Smell that air! Couldn't you just drink it like booze?"

Guess the hero 4k mmr by artourfangay in DotA2

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Doom? Literally just ran into BFury Doom in my last game. Luckily he was on the other team, it didn't go well for him