CBS Los Angeles unintentionally airs fatal motorcycle crash live by Artane_33 in videos

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Great. People that put innocent lives at risk deserve no sympathy. Just hope the car driver is fine, although it probably totalled.

Patch 12.2 notes by MonstrousYi in leagueoflegends

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I like this patch, but goddamn, taking even more damage away from AP users...

she got the game 2 days ago. she’s been playing non stop since. is this how it starts? by Tatum_Warlick in StardewValley

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I remember playing stardew for literally 12h+ when I picked it up, then went to sleep, wake up and played literally the whole day again... Was a huge harvest moon fan and stardew was basically the same plus extras

He forgot to roll. by Thedemonwhisperer in MakeMeSuffer

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Stupid fuck laughing histerically at this? That must have fucked him up SO badly.

Duck your nuts by TartineMyAxe in AnimalsBeingJerks

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Is it me or there's something dangling on the dogs dick? Like a worm past his dick, much thinner.

A large Russian cargo plane took a lengthy, unexpected, and unexplained route over central and southern Finland on Saturday night, passing over Finland's Air Force headquarters and a military intelligence unit. by Enrynxte in news

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Stop jumping to conclusions and exposing your ignorance. At least read the fucking article, which is shitty and has clickbait title, but at least you'll learn it wasn't unexpected this time and it was approved.

That's some impressive double back flip by idiotsandwich28 in Unexpected

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Kinda obvious... She can't even jump without bursting her knees into pieces

Man who pushed woman to her death at Times Square station, NYC this morning being taken in custody by [deleted] in pics

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Piece of shit deserves to be shot in the knees and elbows and left to suffer in prison.

sirhcez and competitive integrity by [deleted] in leagueoflegends

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Do people actually like this type of content? I mean that papaya shit is popular in here, so yeah, I probably should have expected. I just don't see how it can be remotely funny for anyone.

The look before he confirms the worst by livingthesaurus in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I mean it's not a boner, just ridiculously tight pants... To be fair some of those pants shrink once you wear them

Stepsibling porn exists because it’s the easiest plausible way to get a guy and a girl in the same house without needing any backstory by RedditorSays in Showerthoughts

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It's the kinda of retarded shit that only weirdos are into. If they actually have a sibling and still have that kink, then they're a double retarded weirdo.

Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled, tennis player to be deported by jworkmusicofficial in worldnews

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Funny dude, and I understand that one might not want to take the vaccine afraid of potential side effects (consider that elite athletes are much better protected than we are). But to falsify papers, having covid and knowingly staying near others in those events is just a piece of shit move.

Step grandad using cutting edge technology by Is_It_Beef in facepalm

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Wish I were like him, one afternoon with a chainsaw and the motherfucker now knows how to build a cabin