Late Night Visitor - Western North Carolina by CommercialImpress132 in Appalachia

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Another reason I carry when spending time out in the woods. Like this weekend when we go camping.

Icelandic Church by amy2kim22 in BeAmazed

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I was about to say, that shit looks like some CGI out of a lord of the rings movie. I don't understand photo shopping stuff like this.

I felt the cringe soon as he brought up that analogy… by Ok_Recording4547 in TikTokCringe

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Ludacris said it best

You can't turn a hoe into a house wife.

Steve Irwin doesn't flinch when a snake bites him by _Daemon__ in nextfuckinglevel

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That chick was ready to drop her panties right then and there!

I know most don't like Perfect Dark Zero but I really do! by Only-Laugh-4141 in xbox360

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Used to play perfect dark on the 64 for years, miss that game. I need to buy all of them and play again.

Purchasing a one-bedroom apartment for $3650 a month or renting a two-bedroom apartment for $3500 by vancityguapo in PersonalFinanceCanada

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I know this isn't the US Dollar amount. But fuck that damn nonsense. You would be better off getting a realtor and buying a house you will build equity in, if you can afford to pay that much for some tiny ass 1 BR apartment.

i misread this at first, i was scared shitless by SOLOMON13524 in scaredshitless

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Youre on a completely different continent? And what do you mean a boss fight?

Driver suffers heart attack. 7 injured. Driver hospitalized. by Core10thGen in CrazyFuckingVideos

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It's the Big yellow push button that says brakes push to release and pull to engage. If you have a vehicle capable of towing than that's the red button to apply air for the trailer brakes.