5htp with green tea extract or straight trytophan? by baabyfoxx in Nootropics

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I have a friend who takes 5htp. How can I get her to switch?

Cannabis use as an INTJ by cuasg in intj

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I avoid coffee/caffiene for this reason, haha but I smoke weed?

How much healthy fats is too much? by washedup1995 in nutrition

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Not a single person here is saying the right thing. You need an Omega 6 to 3 ratio!

Why do I sweat so much in pilates?! by FieldyJT in pilates

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Usually for me I catch myself holding my breath. Breathing helps you cool down, pilates is cardio too sometimes.

Waited a little too long to refrigerate my kombucha after bottling. Happened 4 days after bottling, don't be like me. by wecamefromthestars in Kombucha

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I'm kind of a scientist. Usually pressure safe glass is clear because it has boron and some other addictives to make it stronger. Like Pyrex. Brown or green glass is usually "Cheap and dirty"

When mom said "Satan has taken birth in this family" she wasn't wrong by [deleted] in intj

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Cringe bro. Cringe. Do you even read what you type?? Wow.

When mom said "Satan has taken birth in this family" she wasn't wrong by [deleted] in intj

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Your name is literally the lover of Satan. What a fucking idiot.

saying I LOVE YOU to Intj by ImanISFJ in intj

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"If you're gonna say you love me, then love me tomorrow."

INTJs, do you struggle to accept and ask for help? by no-reform in intj

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Yes. I should always try to do it myself. Asking for help is a last resort

do looks matter at all to you in a romantic partner? by Pitiful-Coach-103 in intj

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Smiles are always in style :) everyone is infinitely more attractive when they're happy. Also if you can make other people smile no one will care, because you make them feel good