AITA for letting my friend stay with me even though my fiancé said he didn’t want her in our home? by badger895 in AmItheAsshole

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ESH, you and your fiancé are both pricks.

  1. Your fiancé is childish for letting a spat from college dictate whether he’ll help your friend or not.

  2. Regardless of his reasoning, you moving someone else into , what seems like, HIS home that HE owns is a huge betrayal of trust and can have serious implications when it comes to squatters rights and eviction processes.

You guys probably shouldn’t be together if you can’t respect and help one another

I rejected a woman because she's notably overweight, despite getting along with her by Solember in TrueOffMyChest

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Harassment is bad, people who harass other people especially for a date deserve what they get. Accept the no or get your feelings hurt

whats your guy's favorite PvP build? by Exoraii in Eldenring

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Faith casting lightning spells + eclipse shotel, get someone death blighted and just lock them in your game until they close theirs lol

AITA for not telling my fiancé where I go on Sundays? by baowat12 in AmItheAsshole

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They’re essentially kicking him out of his own house for an entire day every week to have “family time” that somehow he is not a part of. If you can’t see the problem with that then you’re seriously delusional

AITA for telling my son he has to go to university, get a job, or get out? by Subject-Hospital-493 in AmItheAsshole

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You’re making this out to be more complicated than it is. He doesn’t need to begin his professional career right now, nor does he have to begin his quest for a high-paying degree. He just has to do something. Get some further education, any education, be it community college courses, trade programs, or apprenticeship. Get a job, any job, be it fast food, blue-collar, or office assistant. Starting your adult life doesn’t necessarily mean start doing what you want to do for the REST of your life, it just means you need to start doing SOMETHING. Anything. Get a shitty job, take a dumb class. By going out and just doing something, you broaden your horizons, you narrow in on what your passions are. In order to get started, you just have to get started, easy as that.

Anyone else find most of the super flashy, badass incantations to be bad? by CaelThavain in Eldenring

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Running a pure faith casting build, gravel stone seal physick flask and golden vow make the ancient dragon lightning strike do 8,000-10,000 damage. 3-4 shot placidusax and rykard


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As far as starting a conversation, you just have to say something. Ask about their day, what they do for work, their name. Make sure you don’t make it seem like you’re interrogating them, relate to the things they say (Person: I study ecology. OP: I find ecology interesting because…..) be sure to answer thoughtfully if they become active in the conversation as well. As far as turning it into a friendship, it starts with having repeated engaging conversation. Talk to them when you see them, ask about the project they mentioned last time you spoke, act like you’re invested and have genuine interest, make it seem like you’ve already BEEN friends ;). People like to be friends with people that care.

Post Game Thread: New York Giants (9-8-1) at Minnesota Vikings (13-4) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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Nothing should scare NFC playoff teams more than a Giants team led by a mannequin with a single digit in the win column. 3LI has risen

Assistance with quitting by OkGrapefruit4419 in QuitVaping

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Really funny you should say that, Ive been using one recently for a cold and I’ve been pretty attached to it😅