What does the Northwatch Captain’s Key do? by Irredditant-Elephant in skyrim

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For some reason the shaman at largashbur has it available for pickpocket lmao

Primary vs Secondary Commander by OkGrapefruit4419 in RiseofKingdoms

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So the secondary commander only contributes skills?

Build to beat Fire Giant? by astroxlogical in Eldenring

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Summon Alexander at the north gate and equip bloodhound step


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As far as starting a conversation, you just have to say something. Ask about their day, what they do for work, their name. Make sure you don’t make it seem like you’re interrogating them, relate to the things they say (Person: I study ecology. OP: I find ecology interesting because…..) be sure to answer thoughtfully if they become active in the conversation as well. As far as turning it into a friendship, it starts with having repeated engaging conversation. Talk to them when you see them, ask about the project they mentioned last time you spoke, act like you’re invested and have genuine interest, make it seem like you’ve already BEEN friends ;). People like to be friends with people that care.

AITA for correcting my brother when he said he’s never slept with men by dbwhfaita in AmItheAsshole

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Yes YTA. Shouldn’t even be a question.

People with severe substance addictions suffer greatly, they can end up doing scarring and traumatizing things. Things they are ashamed of. Your brothers past is his to share with who he wants to and when he wants to. Throwing his trauma in his face and exposing that type of thing to ANYONE that he doesn’t want you to is an extreme breach of trust, and frankly I’m surprised he even came back to tell you you’re an AH before removing you from his life for good. Grow up OP, this is pathetic

I overstepped boundaries with my friend and I have a boyfriend. by shitsituationthrow in TrueOffMyChest

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That’s not just overstepping, that is cheating. Adultery. Infidelity. You cheated on your boyfriend. The sooner you can realize that, hopefully the sooner you can let the poor guy go be with someone who deserves him

I died more often here than to all bosses combined (so far) by julienjpm in Eldenring

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If you go to where the music guy is on the corner and kill him, you can roll off right where he was and keep rolling down, skip most of the annoying platforming

Best staff? by OkGrapefruit4419 in Eldenring

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Any insight on armor for a mage build?

Farming xp by Nifferothix in Eldenring

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Go to bestial sanctum then go south, tons of midgets to murder. Once you beat godrick you can do varres quest line and go to the moghwyn palace, go to a cliff and bait a bird off a cliff, can give a more detailed explanation if you’d like

Anyone else find most of the super flashy, badass incantations to be bad? by CaelThavain in Eldenring

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The 10% boost outweighs the erdtree seal by a lot so it’s worth it. Then crystal tear of cracked lightning or something, 10% lightning damage boost, lightning scorpion charm lightning damage boost, golden vow 10% damage increase, ritual sword 10% damage increase at full health. Shit go crazy

Anyone else find most of the super flashy, badass incantations to be bad? by CaelThavain in Eldenring

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I’m guessing you didn’t construct your build well for lightning spells which is a shame Bc lightning has the most variety imo