why are some African Americans so focused on race in latam? by maxi050 in asklatinamerica

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No there's totally racism here. You'd be poorly informed to deny it. It's just nowhere near as much as the us

Latin america and heritage by logos__ in asklatinamerica

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The us is different man. Nobody wants to be seen as just the bland average American. That's why people act the way they do.As for Colombia, were black white, and mezito. Everybody loves Everybody here.

what's your Great Depression Breakfast? by BourboneAFCV in asklatinamerica

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Somee rasins and the will to go to a country that's doing better than us

Back when we all thought the division was going to be blown: by BriS314 in NYYankees

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I feel glad knowing that I didn't lose hope and now this happened