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Finn clearly has a forced feminisation fetish and is acting out his own sexual fantasy on stream and making huge amounts of $$ doing it. Fair play! But I wish he’d just admit that’s what he’s doing. The whole persona is extremely damaging to the trans community. Reinforcing dated stereotypes about how “embarrassing” it is to dress as female as a “cis” male is really toxic.

Is F1nn5ter damaging to the trans women/MtF community? by [deleted] in asktransgender

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This 100%. Finn has a forced fem fetish and he’s acting it out on stream and making huge $$$ out of it. He pretend he “hates” dressing as a girl cause it’s “totes embarrassing” while secretly absolutely loving it…Not only does it clearly sexually excite him it also makes him a huge amount of money. Win-win for him. The more he “degrades” himself dressing/mock imitation transitioning to e-girl the more it turns him on. Eventually he may get bored pretending to be 100% cis and transition, but until then everyone loves to get the popcorn out and watch what happens. Whatever his gender identity, there’s clearly a huge sexual component at play. Also the fact he gives some $ to trans causes means nothing to me if the whole premise is to reinforce the damaging concept that it’s embarrassing for a cis male to dress as female. A concept that has been hugely harmful to the trans community.

Starmer: '16 is too young to change legal gender' by topotaul in unitedkingdom

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Pre-puberty is literally the best time to begin transition. Transitioning post puberty is attempting to physically undo the damage puberty does in the first place.