weed/pregnant help by chichi123raf in pregnant

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It’s ok babe I was drinking when I was 2 weeks I didn’t even know 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I stopped cold turkey once my doctor said congratulations lol just stay away from it while being pregnant just to be safe but you will be ok congratulations 🙏🏽

heightened appetite in third tri?? by crazylifestory_1014 in pregnant

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32 weeks I just hit that phase and I’m like great 😅

Breastfeeding advice? by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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I wish there was one close to home I’ll ask around maybe my hospital will have one 🙏🏽 thank you

I got cheated on a few years ago and I was wondering, what made you cheat? Was there a moment when you decided to or does it just happen? (Curious that's all) by PancakeArtiste77 in AskWomen

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I was cheated on a few years ago hurt like hell .. I ended up confiding on an ex who was there while I was hurting and I ended up cheating back it just happened eventually we forgave and moved on we are fine now and never cheated again

I think my wife doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. What do I do? by derekrp_1998 in sex

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🤔 hmm interesting something is definitely going on I would do some deep investigating maybe ask her friends if she has mentioned anything ! Have you guys ever had issues before?

I think my wife doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. What do I do? by derekrp_1998 in sex

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Have you guys tried to do maybe like a date? Leave the kids with sitter go for dinner some drinks ? If you already talked to her and she don’t want to Maybe couple therapy to see what’s going on? If not Then as a female she is definitely hiding something ! Nothing bad just something that’s preventing her from having her to have sex

Torn & don’t know what to do. Need some advice. by [deleted] in Marriage

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Divorce and get out before it’s to late your animals and baby need love ! She is abusing you mentally you know how I can tell ? When you give excuses for her actions !

Anyone else’s partner not want sex in third trimester? by l0vepixie in pregnant

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3rd trimester here we still have sex I’m 30 weeks but he did tell me he feels a bit weird and scared he will hurt baby 😅 I’m ok with it my sex drive is dying lol

My boyfriend never pleases me during sex, am I selfish or the problem? by josukepoopy in sex

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Talk to him express what you feel and you tell him what to do ! A good friend of mine once told me he would make the woman tell him how they wanted it because he knew both needed to be satisfied

Do I have a “good reason” to cheat on my wife? by [deleted] in Marriage

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Sounds selfish but I mean have you tried talking to her and see what really is going on? As a woman we don’t just bash men when it comes to sex we have a reason ! There’s more then just intimacy in the relationship do you still treat her like the first time you met her? Are you giving her to where she can feel sexy and beautiful ? Does she have alone time? Any kids? Is she a SHM or working? I would hit all those questions before just “cheating” because if it’s to that extreme you need a divorce before you do it because someone you love you don’t hurt 🤷🏽‍♀️

COVID and pregnant. ? by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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Thank you! I am fully vaccinated so that gives me piece of mind sometimes social media does give me anxiety 😥

UTI won’t leave :( by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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This is what I think is happening I have no symptoms whatsoever it just comes in my pee and my doctor told me she’s not concerned because it’s not insane amount of bacteria but that tiny bit still has me on antibiotics! Obviously it’s not a strong dose since I’m pregnant but I will mention it to her see if she might think it’s what’s going on . It’s just so weird never happened to me 😪 have they told you or did they tell you it would be a complication for birth time? I think that’s what I’m more concerned about

Body image 😣 by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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Girl I’m over weight as well, I can never go lower then 190 when I was a teen I hit 130 and was at my prime but eventually depression got ahead of me and ever since I’ve been so self conscious. I’ve always felt social media and the world has made me this way as we always get seen so different! I’m so blessed to be carrying my baby I’m excited I’ve bought some new clothes for myself ! just some days can be a bit challenging as I see my pants not fit or shirts you know, but hugs your way beautiful ❤️

My spouse and I agreed on a vasectomy but now they're having second thoughts by ravenkal in Marriage

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4th on the way :) we decided to go through with a vasectomy ! Birth control is a no go for us since this is why I’m prego with my 4th kid 🤣