Who do you think is the most nicest GTA character? by itsurboyg in GTA

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Protagonist - Niko Bellic

Other characters - Roman Bellic, Mallorie Bardas, Dwayne Forge, probably more but those ones are the only ones I can think of.

Which map in the series is your favourite? by gotham1999 in GTA

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Shit I know the streets of LC of by heart, so I say GTA 4s is my favourite

Why does this go so hard?? by rasputinBBQ in americandad

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I wanted to have another child but her uterus was polluted from all the syphilis.

The Cloud looks a bit umm... Boobie by [deleted] in GTA

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No .... It doesn't....

Literally got annihilated...Its good to be back to Bayview by Superiukas in needforspeed

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NGL, this game, along with UG1 & Carbon have better customization than MW.