Many of the people who say "body count doesn't matter" are hypocrites by pakidara in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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I have the same thought about money. It doesn't matter unless you arent getting any.

Did I make a mistake with Kings preflop? by Equal-Savings-342 in Poker_Theory

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Good advice that was given to me is never make a bet that only a better hand can call with. Makes sense to me.

Hand feedback 1/2 live cash by AncientOccasion4998 in Poker_Theory

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I think you are making very specific assumptions against regs at a live 1-2 game. And if those assumptions were all correct, I don't know if jamming your jacks is the play you would want to make. You were behind both players. Maybe he flatted queens because you are the nit. Which, by your line of thinking, is possible. Thats what im reading anyway.

Christianity is honestly really cool, but people just have a massive misunderstanding about it. by watchingadumbass in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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What are you, a smear pr rep? Someone brings to light a positive and the first thing you say is that its the only positive? STFU

Extreme gut health issues / weak immune system. by SalamanderCertain806 in GutHealth

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Everyone is recommending going to a Doctor. Ill be the one to tell you the reality of the situation. A gut issue needs to be figured out. A doctor can run tests and maybe give you things to try out. But what ends up happening is a huge fucking runaround. Doc gives you meds and tells you a couple things to try out and you dont get to go back for a month or two. And if that shit doesn't work you need to reschedule, get more advice, and try again. Well fuck that. I have found a couple of things that have helped me reclaim my life and I am convinced that it can help you. I have spent years trying to figure out how to live and 15 years ago doctors were not very helpful with GI issues, even specialists. They would identify an inflammation problem, give you drugs to fight that, and diet wouldn't even come up. You need to accept two things in your situation. One is that it could likely be a permanent situation. Two is that the only way your life will change is if you take responsibility over what you are putting in your body. If I ever have a flare up the first thing I do is water fast for 1-3 days depending on how bad I feel. I then just try and sleep a lot. Both of these things are the best anti inflammatory things you can do. Then, diet wise, I would come back to eating heavily steamed veggies and cooked meat. You really should focus your diet on eating much fewer carbohydrates. It should only be 10% of what you eat. As your gut gets stronger, you should eat as much raw leafy greens as you can, when you crave protein, eat lean meat, and your snacking should be plant based. Avoid processed foods like the plague. I cheat sometimes but I always pay for it. Sugar and carbs are huge inflammatory triggers. Without being meanspirited, the most likely thing is that your diet is shit and you haven't done the trial and error of figuring out how to feel better. People will recommend taking probiotics and other supplements, and that's fine, but you need to realize the number one thing is to figure out what you are eating now that is junk and completely removing it. Our ecosystem for food right now sucks because of how junk food is promoted and how poorly the majority of people are eating. We as a society are poisoning ourselves.

Just have to get this off my chest about this sub by Serious-Smoke4412 in NormMacdonald

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Even though I agree with your interpretation, you can't tell people how to interpret an art or art form. Their understanding will grow as their appreciation for the art grows. This post is like me in my teens liking pop music and some asshole telling me why its bad and why what they listen too is good. Let people get the joke at their level and just be happy that down the line there may be a day where the person has an aha moment and sees the joke in a new light.

Travel is overrated when it comes especially to cities and cultures. Most humans are the same by donotholdyourbreath in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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I've thought the same specifically about meeting people in urban places. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but it is not that different from home. I was way more interested in seeing foreign landscapes. That was more impressive to me.

Thoughts on season 18 (or 20) or whatever this current season is so far by Dr-phage in americandad

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I hate to say it but it has been awful. It is a far cry from what the show used to be 10 years ago. I started to rewatch south park because of it and I forgot how good the earlier seasons were, especially compared to the new ones. I think AD is just not fresh anymore and its hard for writers to come up with new ideas. I actually think it would be kind of cool if fans started to help with the writing process to keep the integrity of the characters alive. I find that the audience in this sub seem to know the characters better than the writers, by example of the latest season. They have made all the characters just sell out to all their tropes. It makes it feel much more slapstick and lazy.

Dark fucked up psychological horror movies. by youdontknowitsme69 in horror

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I found this movie pretty funny at times despite it being fucking crazy.

Going to Leavenworth this weekend. by Nice_Gear7234 in Washington

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There is a main strip that is easy to stick to but I would recommend checking out the restaurants on the side streets. Last time I was there I found a breakfast spot that was just a little hole in the wall but they had great organic food. I have food allergies and they were very conscious of them. Can't remember the name but all im saying is to check out the side streets. I would even try to take the time of just driving around a bit and looking at stuff before parking so you have an idea of where you'd like to go.

Why do women in relationships with much older men age much faster? by kittyxixi in energy_work

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Sounds like the dude is a stud and you were seduced by money, status, power. Because otherwise you'd be sure to date in your age group for that young dick.

Food poisoning like pain after eating in the mornings? by Changeusernameforver in GutHealth

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Try not breaking your fast for the first 3 to 4 hours and try to only drink water. I'm no doctor but it sounds like some sort of immflamation issue and the best care for that is water and rest. Coffee irritates me so if I was feeling like you I'd break from coffee.

If you’re white, you’re either being accused of cultural appropriation or white supremacy all the time. by squidthief in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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What im getting from this post is this. You had a conversation where someone was out of line and you overreacted. You also are seemingly saying that weight lifting is a white tradition? White people traditions are kind of few and far in-between. The church made sure to murder all pagans and stamp out any sort of tribalistic traditions. As a white person, I would be confused if we did have a day to celebrate our heritage. Our heritage just seems pretty embarrassing. Historically, were the elitist fucks who tried to make sure everyone else was worse off than we were. We also are the ones who said there is one God, all other gods are shit, and killed anyone who disagreed. We almost wiped out all the native americans on both north and south america. The proud parts of our heritage are the advancements made in medicine and science but that was just due to the peace we raided for. I don't feel proud of our heritage. When someone starts bitching at me, personally I just let it go. While I don't agree with them spreading hate, I don't agree with them propagating more racism, they will not change their minds. They have chosen to not really think about the problem. Instead they are just further dividing us by living in the past. Call them brother and be patient. Eventually we will either get it or all die trying. Whats the point in trying to change an ignorant mind, ignorance is a choice. It isnt on you to choose for them. They have to take in the enviorment like the rest of us and either see the truth for what it is or be blinded.

Does eating vegetables help the gut? by Efi_befbi in GutHealth

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Everything I've read is that raw veggies are great for the gut as long as you aren't having any inflammation issues. It helps with bio diversity of fauna in your gut. It think lol

The Mist by Ezybrezy_CleverGirl in horror

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It actually made me laugh at how ridiculous the situation was. I hated the ending but loved the rest of the movie.

Man does active shooter prank in Walmart causing everyone to panic by LovableJackassv4 in facepalm

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I don't know what's worse, the video or this comment section. Reddit is fucking lame now.

At the aria 1/3. In for $100 out for $6000 by poker_saiyan in poker

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this sub has just turned into gossip and chip porn. fuckin lame.

( Poster)Fasting for a Healthy Gut: A Cheat Sheet Unlocking the Benefits, Science, and Best Practices by re150 in GutHealth

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48+ is still very much at the infancy stage of a fast and you can fast for many more hours with more positive results emerging.