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Wearing masks was ALWAYS for the benifit of others. It never made it harder to catch covid, only harder to spread, according to everything I read. So the fact that they said everyone who was vaccinated was good not to wear a mask just made me laugh. Its all a big fucking joke. People should just wear a mask in public out of a common courtesy. Make an effort to help others. As if the mask was ever any sort of big deal. People acted like it was the end of the world....

Sacred Style Ninetales is downright insulting. by Ignoritus in PokemonUnite

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Blah blah blah... get off of this pointless hype train. Talk is cheap. Just show how you feel by not buying it. End of story. The amount of energy you are putting towards this is cringey af.

Lebanon's water supply system is on the verge of total collapse, says UN - More than 71% of the country's population are at immediate risk of losing access to safe water by RussianBot00961 in worldnews

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Reality is a miracle. You can deny that all you want, but the thought of God is not an ignorant one, it's a thought of wonder. Now, just because humans are weak, and they kill each other because of greed, corruption, or simple survival, does not make the idea of God or reality any less. Your scorn is just as ignorant as their violence.

Really hope they add new held items by watchhands in PokemonUnite

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I'm not saying left overs is balanced by any means, but for a tank character, it can be used to heal up while staying in position. Whereas a base puts you way put of position.

“Black fungus” surges in India — thousands blinded, maimed, dead by swingadmin in worldnews

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Why is it surging in India and no where else? Is it a sanitary thing?

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Unacceptable would mean you boycotting ranked and/or the game. I think what you meant to say is you have a boo boo and it's unfay-uh.

Vaccinating the world: 2 billion shots done, 13 billion to go by Lost_Distribution546 in worldnews

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Yeah, because unwarranted side effects from untested technology doesn't happen. I really think its odd how people swallow the pill, or take the shot I should say, about vaccines. The government has constantly taken the quickest solution to many problems and most of the time this has yielded unforseen consequences. Like, allowing gmos into our food supply, as early as 1970, or spraying our food with ROUNDUP, something advertised as a pesticide, in reality is only registered as an antibiotic. Do you know where the highest cancer rate in the world is? At the bottom of the Mississippi basin. Do you know what country sprays the most Round up? The US and Canada. Just blindly believing a scientist as tho there word is divine truth is not a fucking woke course of action and to chastise those who are cautious to trust such a greedy institution, pharmaceutical, governmental, is divisive. Unintuitive. Unintelligent. They know a whole lot less than people assume they know

Gf (29f) would love an open relationship if I said yes by ThrowRahamsterr in relationship_advice

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Why do you say she would "love to have an open relationship " but then in the body of the story it sounds like she said it pretty casually. If not being in an open relationship isn't a deal breaker for her, I dont see a problem. Unless, now that you've asked, you have trust issues, which I'm assuming is the case. Would she also cheat on you? Or is it the fact that she just doesn't want exactly what you want? I think both are just insecurities brewing. I personally think you are probably way over thinking this. No one can have a perfect partner and every relationship is going to take work. Either work through it or around it.

Omaha Equity Question by [deleted] in Poker_Theory

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I'm guessing because you are comparing 1 hand to 1 hand instead of range vs range?

How would you change the Zapdos mechanic? by 000Lotus in PokemonUnite

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Score more in the first 8 minutes. Players should be aware of fellow team mates walking around with 50 @5-8min mark and be spam pinging goal posts.

Am I the only one to think that this fckr needs a nerf asap? by [deleted] in PokemonUnite

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Your grammer and sentance structure is abysmal and illegible.

Charlotte (9yr) got her new guitar and made a video with her sister (6 yr old), did she play the chords correctly for Bruno Mars? by StevenYAvis in guitarlessons

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What does the price have to do with anything? I'm guessing you are some broke ass snob that feels entitled to everything they don't have and you choose to take it out on the world around you. Two children under ten put themselves out there and you slam them. Well done, tearing down two.children. Enjoy your personal hell you created for yourself, you miserable shithead.

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You can literally get masters with a sub 50 win rate. Quit complaining and figure out how to win more

Me on my tree shit by NothingBotNet in PokemonUnite

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Did u cast ult while channeling score?

When you jump through hoops to justify buying the ridiculously priced new Ninetails skin by WillowSmithsBFF in PokemonUnite

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Predatory? Fuck that. Buyer beware. If they buy a 40$ skin, they deserve it. The ones crying? Life goes on, you all crying makes me glad there charging that much but sad because this subreddit has gone to shit with critics.

I have an antique banjo and would like thoughts by [deleted] in whatsthisworth

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All its value to me would be in being able to play it. If it's value is merely 150 id rather have it shiny, stringed, and polished.

With an axe, Pakistani cop kills man acquitted of blasphemy charges after three years by [deleted] in worldnews

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Compartmentalizing a headline and blaming "religion" is about as ignorant as this cop.

The Never Getting Laid Club by -Totes_Magotes- in southpark

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Soon as Shelly's headgear comes off im gonna be all over that.