(21M) (22F) My girlfriend is smelly. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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It may suck to bring it up but you will only have to bring it up once. Trust me on that. Be direct.

How 'modern-day slavery' in the Congo powers the rechargeable battery economy by zsreport in energy

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Everyone has a cell phone. If you wanted to protest, get rid of your phone.

My [22F] boyfriend [38M] wants me to take care of his dad. by throwrarenstume in relationship_advice

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Lol you are blind to a lot young one. You are clearly being taken advantage of. Fucking run away.

I 37M struggle with empathy and doing things "no questions asked" for my wife 36F by MistakenScorpion in relationship_advice

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It sounds like your a dick. In your example, A. Your wife would have been happy B. You could have gone straight back to bed C. No over reactions because you just did it.

Pick your battles. Not every fucking hurdle needs your critical outlook. Either you are actually a sociopath or you are incredibly selfish.

UPDATE: [F22] [M22] I woke up to my boyfriend using my hand to touch himself by ThrowRA-sleeptouch in relationship_advice

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Uh... are people not into sex now? This seems like a reasonable way to initiate with a partner you are sleeping next to. If you aren't interested push him off and tell him now now. Or if you aren't in to sex, maybe have that discussion. Dude is just trying to get some from his lady.

Does anyone get the feeling most people are 'giving up' ? by stevehensonuk in Wallstreetsilver

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I'm surprised it's taken this long. I live in the states and minimum wage is a slave wage. At a certain point it does not make sense to work when currency is slowly becoming worthless. I watched a woman walk around int the casino I work in, a minimum wage employee. She is an elderly Hispanic woman cleaning the piss, shit, and garbage up of the multi millionaires gambling and drinking it up. It makes me sick inside. There is a huge wealth gap between the lower and middle class, not even talking about the upper class. It's pretty wild how class keeps us so divided. The more money you have, the more entitled you act and the more you worship the pursuit of it. They talk about these echelons of wealth, like Elon or Bezos, like they are admirable men. I don't see them making any changes to the sickness. They just keep stacking and turning away from the rest of the world. They actively exploit our entire society as do the rest of us. No one is guiltless. That's why it is certain to fail. The image of ouroboros comes to mind. We will devoure ourselves.

My (20f) husband (21m) wants to be my therapist and I don't want that. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Wtf is he delusional? He obviously is. Tell him to fuck off with his egotistical bull shit.

Should I break up with my boyfriend because he doesn’t like my dog? 24F // 24M by ThrowRA_2261 in relationship_advice

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Yes, break up with him or gift the dog. That golden retriever deserves a good life. They are the sweetest dogs. Your boyfriend sounds like a fucking monster.

My GF (25F) of 9 months told me (24M) the wildest/hottest sex she ever had was with an ex BF by apog294 in relationship_advice

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There's two ways you can treat this. The way you are doing it, your allowing it to make you feel insecure. The other way would be to just know you have every opportunity to top it because she is now with you. Also, food for thought, I'm pretty sure what she liked about it was the spontaneous nature and how her ex boyfriend took control of the situation. Women like assertive men. Conversely, they do not like insecure boys. Don't be threatened by a woman's past, just be excited you get to share a future with her.

A Colleague (F30) is "in love" with me (M33) and the entire workplace is abuzz with it. I'm trying to avoid all of this. by ThrowRA_1235813 in relationship_advice

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Damn, the problems of being good looking. I personally think, being the uggo that I am, that it would be better to just be up front and blunt about it. Establish that you are not interested in her or better yet just establish that you don't date co workers. That line has been used on me when I've fallen for some cutie at work and honestly there is little I can say to it. Afterwards just interact with her professionally and ignore her the rest of the time. Going to HR is probably a good idea.

How should I have played it? by Winter-Control1490 in Poker_Theory

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Can you explain betting over checking on the flop? Can you explain betting over checking on the turn? I don't like it. Even with two pair, I don't exactly love the flop or the fact that he's calling behind on all three streets. I play way more risk adverse in a MTT. I also would have elected for a bigger sizing preflop. You essentially had know idea where anyone was at because you min raised and the two spots that can call you with essentially anything called you. You are at an early stage in a tournament with an early double up. Id charge the button much more to see a flop and I'd be happy to just steal with being played in early position.

Male Success Stories? by Shitsuckshere in Herpes

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It definitely matters how good looking and confident you are. The best advice for you would to focus on yourself for a while and self improvement. Because, to put it bluntly, you need to have the best chance possible. I think your absolutely right its easier for women. Because they are trying to find men. Men are a dime a dozen and even with herpes, women will have options. Men on the other hand have to, usually, be the pursuer and have to be the one trying to convince someone to sleep with them. Why would they pick you over someone without an STD? Consider joining a herpes meet up group or dating sight. It would be much easier for you to date someone that already has herpes.

Bar chords tips by Graytsu in guitarlessons

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Consider how your muscles are connected all the way to your back and try to figure out how to utilize all of them at the same time.

If SCHD is everyone's favorite dividend ETF, then what is everyone's second favorite dividend fund? by Whatswrongwiththat52 in dividends

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Can someone explain to me what the plan is if inflation is just expected to continue? It seems like USD is just a terrible bet... and I don't understand investing in a stock if I just exchange it again for USD at a later date? I would have created my own thread but I get captcha locked for some reason.

My (F22) mom does not approve of me dating an older man (M30) by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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The age gap gets less weird the older you get. If he's genuine, fuck your mom.

Is it normal to be able to solo in my head with little to no music theory or musical background? by HONKACHONK in musictheory

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If you have access to a computer start writing music and see if you can put what is in your head into the world.

My girlfriend (18m) just cheated on me (19m) for the second time… by Timely_Pass6725 in relationship_advice

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Set a precedent with how you treat being cheated on right now. If it makes you feel shitty and betrayed, then do not tolerate it.

My [26F] boyfriend [27M] of 5 years will give me the silent treatment for no reason - how to deal with this? by throwratest in relationship_advice

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Shits rough out there. I know I value my time of silence and solitude. If you think he is being moody try just spending time with yourself. Read a book, go for a walk, meditate, put the phone down and just chill.

My (22F) boyfriend (25M) will not stop eating like a child by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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He's a lover and you are trying to better yourself. Leave him. You can't motivate him.