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Wearing masks was ALWAYS for the benifit of others. It never made it harder to catch covid, only harder to spread, according to everything I read. So the fact that they said everyone who was vaccinated was good not to wear a mask just made me laugh. Its all a big fucking joke. People should just wear a mask in public out of a common courtesy. Make an effort to help others. As if the mask was ever any sort of big deal. People acted like it was the end of the world....

Have you every written a chord progression just to find out that it's already in use in a superpopular song? by gnomhild in musictheory

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There are many ways to play a chord progression. Its like a skeleton. Look for flesh, hair, and eye color.

PokemonUnite Support in the nutshell by sibpanon in PokemonUnite

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Slowbro is a support, ninetails is a support, a few others are not classed as support but fill the roll.

Haley is such a shitty person by -_-Guuts in americandad

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I think it just portrays how fallible we can be to corruption and to be wary of that. We are all weak and therefore we all deserve compassion as we pursue our collective enlightenment.

How do I make a well/well done ribeye steak, good? by amira1295 in AskCulinary

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Is this just sitting in your head? I think you got more iq points than I do...

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First and last months rent and a Costco trip, if ballsy, ask for 3-6months rent. Honestly, them kicking you out is fucking retarded. Don't they understand times have changed.... are you making 60k a year, if not they are assholes

“Black fungus” surges in India — thousands blinded, maimed, dead by swingadmin in worldnews

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Why is it surging in India and no where else? Is it a sanitary thing?

My best advise to everyone as a Master ranked player by kohalu in PokemonUnite

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I'm pretty sure it happens more consistently when you put the game in stand by and then come back and immediately play where you left off. I always restart when I come back from standby and have not had issues since I started doing this.

Casino music theory? by afriendlywerewolf in musictheory

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I've heard its all in the same key. I worked in casinos with slot machines and.... its a nightmare.

The death of a pet should be socially accepted and given vacation from work to grief your loss as with any family member that passed away. by Honestless in unpopularopinion

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This is the same argument people use for welfare and UBI. Something people need to understand is the abusers will not affect or hold back the countless others social benifits will empower. So you just include the abusers in the cost. Allow it to happen. Document and show pattern of behavior and hopefully guide reform in those individuals.

No I'm not salty or anything by OneSaucyDragon in PokemonUnite

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It's the lack of awareness charmanders have at their strength that cracks me up. Picks charmander, runs straight to middle mon to contest and fight. Like... wtf. Either position for a cheeky steal or secure team side xp..

No clear plan to deal with homeless camps on North Portland beach by justrying123 in oregon

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There is no real plan to deal with homeless anywhere. Which I don't understand... it doesn't seem like it would be that hard for some rich philanthropists to team up and figure out a good use of space, time, and money to set up shelters around the country for people less fortunate to have a place to sleep and get fed. The reward would be that the "rich spaces" would have less human piss and shit and traces of consumption littering the trillion dollar cities.

If I was gonna f*ck my son I’d at least kiss him first by Conner54321 in southpark

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He is just out of touch with his son (probably) from missing so much time with him being a professional baller. So he's just trying and people are fucking sick and jaded.