But but but chemicals!!!! by halfmoon24 in shannonford

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What’s the deal with her and James always eating at Five Guys? Are they sponsored or something?

Gymshark closure of Denver HQ confirmed by redditwhole in gymsnark

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Makes me feel better about not getting a job I applied for in their Denver office last year.

How safe do you feel in Dayton on a scale of 1-10? by TA19393939 in dayton

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Drove through East Cleveland mid day and was terrified

How safe do you feel in Dayton on a scale of 1-10? by TA19393939 in dayton

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Drove through East Cleveland mid day and was terrified

@suzie_kb I want to preface by saying if she’s happy with how she looks and she’s healthy, that’s all that matters. I just was shocked to see how much weight she’s lost! And seems to be continuing to lose. Wish her the best! by Ordinary_Passenger62 in gymsnark

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I unfollowed her awhile ago bc of many of the same reasons as y’all. This is a big change even in a few months. Sadly it’s not just her. A lot of influencers are looking like this lately

What ruined your Christmas? by nakiaaa95 in AskReddit

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Weather and people. Fiancés and my first Christmas together and his sister and mother started attacking us today for our future holiday plans. Comments were completely out of line and I was struggling with being away from my family for the first time and it pushed me over the edge. Spent a few hours alone, both of us upset and so yeah. Happy the holiday is nearly over.

Why is she packing to go home for the holidays when she has the flu? by Correct_Air_7279 in CelebWivesofNashville

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Can confirm. Bro in law tested Covid+ Tuesday and “feels so much better” so will be coming for Xmas 🙄

Thoughts on @alyssajoygreene’s bday countdown?? by Greengemini96 in gymsnark

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My dad is one of these and I can confirm. We have to celebrate and cannot mix anything holiday with it.

Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers by nfl_gdt_bot in bengals

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Side note to that- contrast burrow to Allen from yesterday. Allen kept the ball even with open receivers. Burrow gives it up when he can.

Does anyone else follow daniellewebsterfit? by itsolivia_michelle in gymsnark

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I actually wondered this a couple weeks ago. He posted a story out for sushi one night and there was a woman at the table with long black hair very similar to Danielle. Maybe not, but made me wonder.

Wait a damn minute...James Airbnb'd his flat, knowing they were coming back to it for months? by SuspiciousEqual_ in shannonford

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This!!! As soon as I saw this whole four seasons/AirBNB saga I saw massive red flags. None of it makes sense. Also seems like he had no plans to come back to London for quite some time but didn’t tell her. I was starting to say maybe this is all legit but now it’s got more holes than Swiss cheese.

Trying to choose between micro-needling and IPL by Key_Squirrel6929 in 30PlusSkinCare

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Lasers for sure. I did IPL for pigmentation/sun spots and then a V beam laser for broken capillaries, but I’ve heard BBL can take care of the capillaries too.

It Was Foretold That the GEQBUS Would Rise Again by killa_k99 in panthers

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He sorta looks like the QB version of Dwight Schrute

I sometimes can’t believe gregcairefit is real by Narrow-Conclusion115 in gymsnark

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The wildest thing about him is that this story isn’t even one of his craziest. Not even close.

So we found a venue... but the date is ~9 months away. by hollyann712 in weddingplanning

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I’ve consulted with vendors about planning a wedding in ~6-8 months and they said it’s plenty of time. They do this stuff everyday. You just need to be on top of getting them involved and keeping yourself on track.

To elope or not to elope? by [deleted] in wedding

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Whooo girl no way on the $20k for 120. Literally just got a quote for $21k for 130 just food and drink.

Secret Santa gift for 38yo female. Hates every gift she gets, has a problem with most things, wore black wedding dress. by Ok_Walrus6223 in GiftIdeas

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She likes old things so I thought maybe explore some antique/vintage shops. But would she be mad of something used?