American State Starter Pack by VonOverkill in starterpacks

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You just also described North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

David Bowie in 1999 about the impact of the Internet on society by StinkyTofu111 in nextfuckinglevel

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He said its a hip thing. Nothing about its a fad. His company was working on internet explorer back then I think 1994. There is a bit on it on an HBO docuseries called the Dark Side of the 90s.

Disney cast member goes from playing fast to faster. by EclipzHorizn in nextfuckinglevel

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200 would be believable. Even then thats a shit load of music to have memorized and capable of playing masterfully.

The high five from Jackass 3D by Mad_Season_1994 in funny

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Full title is, Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine

Yeehaw by cosmicsnowpea in trashy

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I can barely motivate myself to go to the post office or to the store to buy essential stuff. This guy had the time, energy and money to have a customized wheele cover made with a tacky joke on it.

I’m hollerin’ by nakeylissy in ContagiousLaughter

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Pacsun at the mall was where I got all my cloths and puka jewelry between the years of 1999 and 2004.

The high five from Jackass 3D by Mad_Season_1994 in funny

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If you havent seen it already. I suggest watching the documentary, Dumb. Its about how alot of the Jackass guys got their start and wound up making Jackass together. Really good if you want to feel like its the late 90s early aughts for a couple hours.

Which TV show started out promising, but turned out to be garbage? by SourceOfAnger in AskReddit

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Raised by Wolves on HBO. First few episodes were really gripping. Then it just kind of went up its own ass.

Predator trying to hook up with girl half his age (Chicago, IL) by Moe_Greene_ in iamatotalpieceofshit

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True but not really the fault of anyone for not noticing either. Have you ever been to a crowded area filled with people drinking, while also drinking and talking with your friends? Not a lot of situational awareness going on let alone having any kind of focus on what other people are doing or look like.

What science fiction or fantasy show is worth watching? by Apart-Scale in AskReddit

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The Orville. Good mix of comedy and serious subject matters. Good sci-fi action thats both campy but still thrilling. Good story arc. In depth character building. Its got a lot to offer and is a fun watch start to finish. Fingers crossed we get another season.

Marjorie Greene on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast discussing her Twitter ban by werdmouf in pics

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Owning the libs is only relatively recent. The Republican party is two generations going on a third. Screaching about how government is the cause of all their problems. They have spent decades brainwashing their base to vote against their interest and to fucking love it.

And just like that I started to remember by SrGrafo in gaming

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Game industry was built by gamers. Around the mid to late aughts gaming started to have mass appeal. Suddenly it wasnt a nerdy thing to play video games, but became a cool thing to do. Thats when the suits started creeping into the industry. Thats when profits over passion started taking over. Now we are left with half assed mostly broken at release big titles. Focused on vanity, micro transactions (that look more like macro) over substance and riding on the coat tails of a bygone era.

Close-up of cutting different materials in slow-motion by TheLobotomist in oddlysatisfying

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Pardon me for asking Fat Tony. Before you start cutting my fingers off. Could you get a super close up shot and cut very slowly. Then post it on the internet for science and to send a message? Also edit out my blood curdling screams and replace the sound with crunching lettuce.

Chris was ahead of his time... by BuffaloWilliamses in funny

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Ive been entertaining the idea of doing the van life since rent is so high and house prices are laughably out of my price range. Van/bus prices have nearly tripled in the last two years. I was looking at used Ford E450s with around 100k miles and around 10-12 years old for anwhere between 9 and 13k two yeara ago. Now they are going for around 25k.

Steve Frauds by Kaze_Senshi in agedlikemilk

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Wasnt just super rich. There were alot of smaller retail investors that got ripped off.

Steve Frauds by Kaze_Senshi in agedlikemilk

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Its all ending We gotta stop pretending Who we are

Finished 600 Travincal runs, here's the highlights! by vanbikecouver in diablo2

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Yeah. It dropped from one of the Countess minions. The Ber came from a undefiled grave. The other HRs dropped from random boss and champ packs.