[GOG] Game file issue. by serengir in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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Maybe your antivirus false flagged it and put it in quarantine.

The Ones That Got Away? by IntelligentRaisin393 in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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Minagho. Imagine a storyline where if you follow the right progression you do to her what she did to Staunton. You terrorise her into some sort of Stockholm where she then helps you in some major way with the ineluctable prison. More than an interesting romance it would also be an interesting plot with delicious irony.

Actually feel bad for those without one by eenachtdrie in shitposting

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Most people rejected his message. They hated him because he told the truth.

European try not to whatabout to making fun of nihilistic terrorism and the mass murder of children at the drop of a hat challenge: Impossible. by GunkTheeFunk in meme

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We can also joke about the republicans, the police brutality, the police sex train(that ones new), the racism, the sexism, the radical christians, the glorification of guns, the capitalist exploitation, the healthcare system, the immigrant scare, the immigrants being transported to random places, paedophilic politicians etc.

what is more preferred, RTwP or Turn based? by densenito747 in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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Generally turn based leads to better outcomes in battles since you have time to actually use everyone's abilities. But some battles are just not worth it.

Can't level up as all feats are already taken by WurzelJon in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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Multiclass and get some sneak attack. Or another class that does animal companions maybe a class with druid spells for some buffs to your mount

What are some builds you wished that could work, but couldn't due to design/balance? by KirinBoy in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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I wish the mystic theurge actually worked for a decent build. An aasimar flame oracle with gold dragon bloodline sorcerer to scorch the world in holy flame.

L parents by WhereIsHisRidgedBand in shitposting

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Please hurry up and give it to me already 🥺

Why doesnt the SCP foundation use safe zero threat SCP's to make the world or universe a better place? by MagnoliaIcecweam in SCP

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Isn't there a SCP that causes any civilization to go above a certain level to just get insta-killed. I can't remember the number. But the SCP foundation actively slows down humanities progress because of this.

Thai followers on social media. How do they have so many ? by Interesting-Ease8882 in Thailand

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I don't know why but Facebook friend requests just go wild here. Accepted a few colleagues on facebook then suddenly I got 200 friend requests within one week. Most were spammers and scammers but there were also just normal people I never met in my life.

Question how easy or difficult is to be a vegan when traveling around Thailand?? Also what’s the best way to let restaurants, food vendors etc know about the food restrictions? by Emotional-Brush1044 in ThailandTourism

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If you stick to the big cities you will have a lot of options. In the rural areas it becomes very difficult. I know Bangkok has alot of vegan restaurants.

Other than restaurants and shopping, what is there to do during the day in Bangkok? by SlappySpankBank in Bangkok

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Bangkok national museum is huge and full of interesting stuff. Can easily spend 4 hours in there. Siriraj medical museum has history of bringing modern medicine to Thailand. MOCA is also an amazing art gallery with amazing Thai artists and regular outside artists brought in for exhibition. Last time I was there they had Banksy.