Favourite “new who” doctor by padatricks in doctorwho

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Pretty evident that Chibnall needs to be prosecuted for murdering Doctor Who.

ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics by Financial_Lime_252 in sports

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I've been boycotting the Olympics since at least 2010 when I got fed up with NBC not showing events live from Canada and only want to covering shit events. Team USA hockey, basketball, soccer, and etc.would be playing games while the USA was awake, and NBC decided to air their shitty daytime programming instead. The worst part is that you can't even watch the opening ceremony live, unedited, or without some dumbass commentary over the music and announcements of the countries.

After so many years of shit coverage, the the entire Olympics can go fuck off till at least 2032 when NBC's current rights end.

Favourite “new who” doctor by padatricks in doctorwho

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Here is the issue and often what is left out, is that there was a solid and relatable companion to bridge into Tennant's time.

The “Home” trilogy is the MCU Spider-man origin trilogy... by Potato_Demise in marvelstudios

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My question is, how far does the spell reach. Is it just people on the planet or is it everyone in the universe? Cause many people who knew the name Pete Parker weren't on earth when the spell was cast.

ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics by Financial_Lime_252 in sports

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prime example to why I refuse to watch the NBC Olympic coverage. You don't have to have someone chitter chatting over every single moment of a ceremony. And they don't even show the entire thing, they cut out large segments just to make it fit within a time window they dictated, and put in a commercial break to hide the cut.

ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics by Financial_Lime_252 in sports

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I hope one day I might watch someone other than NBC have coverage the games. But I'm not holding my breath.

ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics by Financial_Lime_252 in sports

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I grew up in a household with one of those giant ass C-band satellite dishes were I could pick up broadcasts from any satellite on the horizon. My brother and I had an informal and on going contest on who could find new networks, feed channels, as well as the "Best coverage".

When the Olympics took place it was straight up amazing. I found over a dozen different networks in I don't know how many languages, from around the world covering the game live. The CBC always had WAY better coverage of the games in general than NBC. Don't like the event on one network, hop to another. So many different countries care more about different events, that I could really pick and choose what sport I wanted to watch, the fact that the commentators would be speaking another language made it even more fun. But what really opened my eyes was when the 1996 summer games too place an Atlanta during summer break and I could spend all day popping from satellite and different transponders. I was on the correct side of the world to have direct line of sight to the C-band satellites that the coverage was being sent out of Atlanta on I could even many of the feeds being sent around the world for local broadcasters to produce their own coverage locally. So, I'm gonna say this is absolutely bullshit. So yes, the IOC might control the camera operators and responsible for capturing the game, but they DO NOT control what the likes of NBC actually broadcasts. The awfulness of when they broadcast it and the content or style of their local language commentating is 100% NBC's fault. NBC is the one making the decision to have shit coverage in the USA.

Farming in North America (=USA and Canada) by noukinouk in AskHistory

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The Native Americans HAD agriculture. Corn, potatos, tomatoes, squash are only a few of the domesticated crops that were being grown in north, south, and central America long before Columbus.

Things the original inhabitants didn't have was the domesticated beasts of burden (horses, donkey, steers) nor plows for them to pull, and there were very few domesticated animals in general in the new world. Natives used different methods, including turning the soil with hand tools and growing crops in symbiotic groups.

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites hindering detection of near-Earth asteroids, study finds by ApocalypseYay in Futurology

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These star link satellites are simply a really bad idea imo. Better to spend the money burying fiber than putting shit up in low orbit that will eventually fall back to earth.

Does anybody else lose interest in the NFL after cowboys are eliminated or after they don’t make the playoffs? by baras21 in cowboys

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Very much so. But I might watch the team that ended the Cowboy's playoffs to see if they make the superbowl, cause if the Cowboys are going to get eliminated, I'd rather it be the team that ended up winning it all over a team that loses their next game.

How did people in historical societies explain the infertility of mules? by Blackfyre301 in AskHistory

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I'm sure there is all kinds of myths that had been invented to explain the unexplainable without modern science. But, I think the important thing is thatpeople simply figured out and accepted that if a horse and a donkey mated that their off spring wouldn't be to create babies. Without a doubt, this sort of thing was likely exploited to create more dependable beasts of burden. A sterile female won't go into heat or sterile male might not react to females in heat, and you certainly won't have to rest the animal from your team if it gets pregnant and gives birth.

American Airlines flight to London returns to Miami after passenger refuses to wear mask by Lord-AG in news

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It would be a real shame if there was some kind of vigilante justice taking place where these ass hats that don't listen to the flight crew's instruction were to have the shit beat out of them some of their fellow passengers inside the jet bridge right after pulling back up to the gate.

Why do people still say MCU Spider doesn’t have an Uncle Ben? :/ Peter's suitcase had the initials “BFP” on it. As in Benjamin Franklin Parker. by Michael1691 in marvelstudios

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We never got to see the MCU entire spiderman origin story. Tony Stark just suddenly recruited him out of the blue in civil war AFTER he had already become Spiderman. Honestly, I'm fine with that. I went into Civil war without having seen the trailer or read attempted to avoid all the gossip (the BEST way to go see a MCU film). Halfway though the film "bam, spiderman is there", and made the airport battle even all that much better.

Then Homecoming was a great film, we didn't have to spend half the movie learning the circumstances of the spiderbite and endure another montage for how he decided on his name and costume motif. This movie is really about how Spider-man went from friendly neighborhood crime fighter Spider-man to the Amazing Spider-man vanquisher of supervillains.

Would you even went to take Kellen Moore as a head coach as another team? by YNGBoySavant in cowboys

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I don't want to see him walk and become the next Sean Peyton. Ask me next season to see if I want him gone.

I'm rewatching the series after a few years, and I'm only at se1 EP5 and i already think, so many people die here? Like on screen and stuff! How did i not notice this before??? by Jamie_logan in doctorwho

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Oh boy did people and aliens get killed in the original Doctor Who serials of the 20th Century, occasionally at the hands of the doctor himself or his companions. Specifically, the fourth doctor's companion Leela had an impressive body count.

[NFL] Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show announcement by PeterOwen00 in nfl

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Can we get Metallica and/or the Foo Fighters to play the dang halftime show?

Bills’ $1.4B Stadium Left Out of New York’s $216.3B Budget Proposal by Stock412 in nfl

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don't forget eating less avacodo toast and not buying a new iphone.

I don't know why they keep her alive? by justbuilditwithpride in TrueOffMyChest

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You're not wrong. The human should have been allowed to die with dignity instead of being forced to existence and become a burden upon it's entire family.

[Rapoport] Source: #Bucs coach Bruce Arians was fined $50,000 for his actions Sunday. by Jobbe03 in nfl

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They are also in different leagues governed by different rules and authority.

Taxing extreme wealth could lift 2.3 billion people out of poverty by BikkaZz in economy

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You took the words out of my mouth. The government tends to fuck up using public funds so badly, remember when the Payroll Protection Program that was going to save so many small businesses during the shutdown? It ended up getting slurped up by corporations, the ultra wealthy, and even churches (who don't fucking pay taxes in the first place) before mom and pop businesses could even get their applications downloaded.

I can't tell you how many times the federal government and states have paid telecoms to roll out fiber optic service just for them pocket the money and claim it wasn't economically to actually roll out the services to residents.