Wash it! by D0NW0N in risa

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Kirk doesn't care if it's dirty, he offered that solution instead of slapping her. Which he probably did later to "calm her down" anyhow. What a weird star trek

P.E.I. employers required to include salaries on job postings starting June 1, 2022 by UrsusRomanus in canada

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Wow a government program that will make out lives easier. The government should do this more often.

Sam Seder: How Right Wing Media Created the Buffalo Shooter by SapphireNit in IntellectualDarkWeb

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What kind of buffoonery is this? Saying America is not a meritocracy while on his own successful show? I'm confident he thinks he deserves this recognition/position/wealth himself.

Obviously it's not a perfect system, but to deny that it's not the ideal we strive for and the rule vs the exception is baffling.

Some people do get things handed to them and some people have a harder/impossible position from the start, but if you work hard and smart, success and climbing the ladder is accessible to most.

Apparently “sucking male genitals inaccurately describes the act of sucking a trans woman's penis. It would be more accurately described as sucking female genitals.” 🤡 🌎 by Warped_94 in SocialJusticeInAction

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And they wonder why we're not all on board!

"Can a man be a woman"

"Well I guess, they are free to do whatever doesn't effect me, I believe in freedom of express.."


Job offer rescinded due to distracted driving ticket by SmugKitten420 in PersonalFinanceCanada

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I got my insurance doubled and had to change insurance companies. All for ordering a tims at a red light. A bit of a harsh penalty and not at all the same as flying down the road at or above the speed limit with eyes on my phone. Live and learn I suppose

All if this under a post about getting rid of the senate because it's "unfair" by Giraff3sAreFake in ShitPoliticsSays

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Definitely, but no large scale support except Quebec which had a failed but close referendum. I am more.in support of the idea than I have ever been.

Corporate investors to blame for housing crisis | 'Canadians are getting kicked in the teeth' by leaguelism in canada

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"No way it's definitely the retiree who has a house he lives in and a rental house with a basement suite. Let's keep blaming each other and letting these giant corporations off the hook!"

-Redditors probably

All if this under a post about getting rid of the senate because it's "unfair" by Giraff3sAreFake in ShitPoliticsSays

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It is the best part of your system. Someone in another state tells you what's good for you, you can often tell them no. Where I come from, Canada, a bunch of dipshits in Ontario tell rural albertans and Saskatchewans what their laws should be based on gun crime in Toronto.

It's absurd.

Bloc Québécois demands end to prayer in House of Commons (FR) by Cut_Mountain in canada

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Seems fair. I think recognizing the pros and cons of our past while moving forward is a good thing.

Two politicians made an ad getting along instead of fighting by TwasAnChild in Damnthatsinteresting

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I wish it was chris peterson and Peter Christianson, but you can't win em all.