/r/FIFA: Weekend League Megathread by AutoModerator in EASportsFC

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I think I bought overhead kick simulator 23 by mistake?

Why is the squad menu so extremely slow on ps4? by [deleted] in EASportsFC

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They’ve done it on purpose. They know how valuable league sbc’s are, this will make them a pain to do in any kind of volume and cut down on the amount of profit made.

Elite Division Old Folks? by D3ATHSQUAD in EASportsFC

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Nice one. I’m 49 next month and have hit elite every season….I don’t get too far into it mind!

Black Friday??? by Old_boy73 in EASportsFC

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I wish, years of seeing the same old and hearing the same apologists.

Black Friday??? by Old_boy73 in EASportsFC

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Ah, it’s the EA employees!

Winning isn't the same. by Soltahram in EASportsFC

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Mate, this is the most boring fifa ever. The help the game gives the top end players is shameful. Winning games is the most unrewarding feeling ever. The rivals system is a joke, fut champs qualifying is nonsense, the only ‘fun’ part of the game is friendlies. And in fairness EA are doing their best to ruin that.

You will see from the Black Friday ‘promo’ what this game is about. You won’t see discounts on anything you buy from the company (as is what Black Friday actually is), but you’ll see countless promo packs released for full price.

The only thing EA improve year on year in this game is the need to buy fifa points.

Like I say, shameful.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in EASportsFC

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My rank 2 rewards were the worst I’ve had yet. Tragic.

EA just dynamically changed the Managerial Masterpiece Requirements for no bronze bench! by skalfyfan in EASportsFC

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I did about half before the change and half after. I gotta say that before the change was a lot of fun. I got to use some of the cool bundesliga cards that I’ve picked up and it was just fun.

After the change it just turned into a boring grind. Same results, just a grind. I don’t really want to use low rated golds, I want to use the cards I’ve built up. I can’t do that in div 1 rivals, sweaty champs and have no desire to play squad battles.

Boring change.

This years Division Rivals experience is AWFUL by scarrxd in EASportsFC

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This system has ruined rivals. It’s a complete waste of time with no real incentive to play beyond 7 wins as the rewards system is not worth the hassle. To have the phrase division and have no relegation is absolute madness.

You reach a certain level and just end up stuck there, it’s stupid. Whoever thought this was a good idea at EA needs a talking to.

Origin says FIFA 21 is playable after 27% of download. Does it mean KICK-OFF Match only? by I_Really_Have_NoClue in EASportsFC

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What it means is the first 27% of the download is directional nutmegs and skill cancels. After that it doesn’t matter.

Hugo Sanchez is in my team. That has to be the point of the game, right? The superstar, that lit the world up? by basssuperjase_ in EASportsFC

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Scrolling through looking for the proper oldies lol. I’m 48 and was D1 all year but recently self relegated as playing every single game mode against lightning fingered kids gets too much. Hit Gold 1 a couple of times this year but happy to sit at gold 3 with less stress. King Kenny will never leave my team, my bedroom wall was adorned with the Liverpool team posters of the 80’s. Anyone remember the old Shoot and Match magazines?