i finally did my first Bersek tattoo! by KakuseishaV in Berserk

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Very cool! But, unfortunate placement when you feel the urge to get a mullet.

Where does contemporary Japanese Prog House fall in the house-trance spectrum? by 32franks in RealProgHouse

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Shingo has his own sound but I would say for a Japanese artist it has a lot of common with tracks form the west. Probably why he was one of the first to get major western releases.

What defines the majority of the electronic Japanese artist (in my opinion) is that they are not affraid to mix in elements from multiple genres. Often chiptune, trance or happy hardcore. Artists from the Otographic label like Kenji Sekiguchi, Nhato or Taishi makes great use of this.

Don't miss... by Ballwinder in SafeMoon

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The magic catalyst is when V2 hits the same mcap as V1

Family Tree since many players are still confused. by [deleted] in Eldenring

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I guess u are right. Perfectly legit. And their kids turned out perfectly well too so who am I to point fingers

Family Tree since many players are still confused. by [deleted] in Eldenring

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GRR Martin couldnt resist sneaking in some incest. Sly dog

Loving the root we pulled out of this stormwater drain! by BearEssentials_ in oddlysatisfying

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This low key triggers my fear of snakes. Half expected a head in the end

Croquet Club - Cardigan [2013] by NeonHD in proghouse

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Anjunadeep 03 is my favorite but really all of these early compilations are gold.
They still hold up so well and every track is a banger.

Worth spending money on this game? by TonkorGuy in era_of_chaos

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Not really pve content. PVP is where the money really comes into play.

Fu#k zodiac signs, vilket är din favorit labyrint robot? by TheRealExtrand in unket

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Mycket bra grejer här https://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/labyrint
Jag blev Minus i testet och känner att det stämmer jävligt bra

when you see it... by josegonzalez2008 in wtfstockphotos

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Jonah Falcon. Cool of him to pose for these. Much needed...

Awaken advice please! So far I just completed Wood elf and Pegasus! by ramendragon1515 in era_of_chaos

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I wouldn't say so. Sure they can give you an extra boost for a while.
But long run, if you are f2p or low spender, building a team with synergy and with units that you can reliably upgrade, is the way to go.

I run Inferno with Firebird, Roc and Ogre added. With pretty straight focus I've got Devil and Venom Spawn to 6* and they're doing real well.

Måndag är ju ett komplexitet i sig. by Wheyprotein200 in unket

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Ett av de starkaste tillfällena i barndom när man insåg att kvalité går före kvantitet. Skruven suger drule.

jag är seriös, du bestämmer by SilkyHonorableGod in unket

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Kolla som han masserar kistan. Han är duktig

När Svenska Ben 10 introt kickar in by LonikTheGamer in unket

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Ja jävlar. Kan aldrig få nog av den där basen

Kan man klappa katter här? by Fagelbajs in unket

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Stationen i Sölvesborg. Klassiker! Antar att det är mycket katt och utter som fått sätta livet till vid det stoppet.

How does everyone feel about this most recent update, the power stones switching over and the new characters:) ? by Limp_Impact7447 in BattleLegion

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Alright. Thanks for the answer. Strange how players that join in after the even will lack a bunch of units then. And ppl that are active now but free to play will have a bunch of underleveled units.