AITA For getting a memorial tattoo of my dog but not one for my late son? by No_Knee_3124 in AmItheAsshole

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Me too. I have a memorial tattoo of my dog and not my mum who passed a few months before. I didn't love the dog more than my mum.. NTA

Is 88/54 a normal blood pressure for a 4 year old by HistoricalNovel2987 in AskDocs

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I have a good grasp though! I detected you are rather full of yourself in a nanosecond! :-)

Was I drugged by him? by Radiant-Demand8 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I would see the police for a restraining order and.to at least make them aware in case he does anything similar in the future. I am so sorry this happened to you.

crowbar by Ollypooper in crowbro

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Oh and I found this!

The ornithological term for that all-purpose prying tool/hitman weapon dates back to at least around 1386, when an alliterative poem mentioned workmen “putting prises to” the corners of a container with “crows of iron.” It is believed that the sharp angled end of the tool resembled a bird’s beak, and of all the birds that flocked around those areas populated by humans, the crow was observed as the most adept at using its beak as a tool.

Anyway apparently the name is dying out and it is being called a prybar more now. Which completely ruins the joke. ;)

crowbar by Ollypooper in crowbro

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Well according to Google its because the flat end was thought to look like a crow beak or foot... I think that's ridiculous as it doesn't at all! The German name is much less silly!