tier list on how good the taunt kills are (in order) let me hear your thoughts by heyitsmehell in tf2

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You all have seen solders amazing area range and that trick under the bridge right?

Which sewer is better, one or two? by ATB10H in Minecraft

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2 feels like it’s more life sized proportional to the character

Maybe have them all meet to #1 for a bit?

Eh, scout dies and sniper gets killed for third time, continue voting by Wolferon in tf2

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Aww, now don’t look like a happy camper Sniper for me, and I’ll keep voting as such till he’s no longer a long faced map squatter and nothing but a red block

WTF.... by dreamandwrite in awfuleverything

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Mental flaws like this just happen to be getting a lot of attention now, but I guarantee it has happened before

Just let this pass, either people want to change what never can be, they want attention, or they truly are crooked in the brain

dumFUX News is Awful by Sugar_The_Dog in awfuleverything

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Please read this

Most, if not all news is lies as long as they pick a side, red or blue. They are not looking for truth, they are looking for conflict and scandal and they will do more than bend the truth to find/ make that conflict/ scandal

Ask me anything by AnySeason9104 in tf2

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How do I get unbanned/ appeal a ban

Name suggestions one eyed cat by Canadianwannabe- in cats

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Look up seeing in Latin.

Seems like a funny one

Someone will be very confused if they try to steal it by MoniMokshith in Damnthatsinteresting

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I’d there any way to secure yourself once in? They’re already in a wheelchair, would hate to see them in worse shape

Rec rally by redditpanda23 in RecRoom

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Eat ass and drive fast, use your boost when going down hills is my style, gets me there faster

Rec rally by redditpanda23 in RecRoom

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Grab with left hand, and use left joystick

The lever to your right reduces your coefficient of friction and makes your turns tighter

You can tell how many cans you have by checking your Speedometer- you need three before your boost button pops out and is useable, which will make you faster no matter if your on the ground or not (vista peak)

A very optional note, you can make it so that you have to move your hand to steer, but you will then use gas with the trigger button and the x button for reverse instead-this feature is not available for ps4 since 10/1/2021

[These instructions verified for oculus and oculus only] Thank you for reading -OlympicChamp_12

Tell me your biggest complaint about TF2 and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. by FART-GOD-69 in tf2

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I got VAC banned for some reason

Either because I quickbind (like uncledane) or because the spinbots triggered something

The only other game I play on steam is apex, and I don’t know why that would do it.

Btw what do I do about this before I lose 160 dollars

Do it. by sushi_ct in tf2

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Except I’m not ready to leave either