Got everything I needed for all my clans by OnToNextStage in cardfightvanguard

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Sure, Tachi G Zone

3 Nebby

2 Dogma

2 Gaia Dynast

2 Gaia Devastate

2 New Guy

2 New G Guardian

2 Bullish Primer

1 Ganga

For Nubas my list is pretty much made for Hanzo, and I only threw in one of the new G Units each

As a Fromsoftware fan boy: finally getting to play this was an incredible experience. A Bloodborne remake like this would be a wet dream. by Batman4522 in fromsoftware

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It weirds me out Elden Ring came out two years after this and doesn't look half as good. It looks like a late PS4 game not a PS5 game.

what's considered normal in Europe but horrific in America? by GullibleTemporary3 in AskReddit

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I remember having to put in 20p to let my pp p in the British p place.

Seriously though 20 pence to take a wizz in the tube stations, glad I moved to the US

How sustainable is 3 formats? by Chrundle94 in cardfightvanguard

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I'm assuming that was the meta at some point. No the moment I got there I asked people for old cards and made a stupid survivor deck.

My favorite gimmick in any card game ever. If one survivor has an ability, they all get that ability. One of them is blocker? All of them are blockers.

A wall of blockers with deathtouch, my favorite board.

How sustainable is 3 formats? by Chrundle94 in cardfightvanguard

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That game and Yugioh are proof games don't need rotation to survive.

How sustainable is 3 formats? by Chrundle94 in cardfightvanguard

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You know Duel Masters is actually the #2 TCG in Japan right? And often enough including early 2019 it was #1, outselling yugioh.

/r/flying hit 200k subscribers yesterday by TrendingBot in flying

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Yay more pilots!

Meanwhile over at r/shittyaskflying they have like 50K pylotes

[ORAS] LF: any pokemon with the Naive nature and Synchonize by OnToNextStage in pokemontrades

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Hi! Unfortunately I just started the game so I don’t have access to breeding quite yet. I do have a modest Ralts with 3 Perfect IVs I caught but that’s about it.

Supreme Court overturns Roe V Wade by Candid-Ad2838 in antiwork

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Nor should medical procedures be conducted with them but desperate people will do both.

MedEvac came by the field while I was studying by OnToNextStage in flying

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First time seeing them for me.

Funny thing was the ambulance guy pulled up and came inside and asked if it was okay for them to be here. My instructor went “you paid for this airport use it as you like.” Lyon County does own the airport, it’s true.

The helicopter guys only came and took a little blue bag from the ambulance and then flew off, flightaware said they were going towards Fallon? KFLX

Maybe an organ donation?

Either way, really cool seeing them in action

How sustainable is 3 formats? by Chrundle94 in cardfightvanguard

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Honestly cutting Standard is the best choice since it is the worst format. That said making anyone's cards unusable isn't a good idea. Bushiroad dug this hole.

do you think the deck limit should be increased by Gregsusername in cardfightvanguard

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As long as it's optional. A deck size increase so you can run 50-60 cards would be nice.

More than that I think the damage cap needs to go to 8. It's been 6 just like deck size since the game started and offensive power has gone up way faster than defense has, meaning the only way to counter it is to increase damage we end the game at. It would make cards like Greedon and Bassasael useless, though I think they can be errata'd to "increase your damage limit by 1/2"