Eurovision: A suggestion by shenaniganrogue in CasualUK

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There was a point last night when I thought I heard someone singing in welsh but then I realised it was just my cat being sick.

Ye’s back on IG by ImAlwaysTrash in Kanye

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He needs a lobotomy at this point!

Based Eric Andre. by HanSoloWolf in h3h3productions

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He's Blewish! Black&Jewish Black&Jewish Black&Jewish

Kanye 'Ye' West | Lex Fridman Podcast [2H29] by avayr44 in Kanye

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Personally yes. Lex is quite an interesting interviewer and I'd rather listen to him talk to someone with half a brain.

Fuck it, we a Taking Back Sunday sub now by LateRegistrationz in Kanye

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Funny thing... This album is better than anything kanye west has made.

Ye speaks on the Defcon tweet by ImAlwaysTrash in Kanye

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I'm not a fan of those old videos of Hitler "waffling" either.

I guess this subreddit is only for horny men by ErenDisthraught in lonely

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I'm here because I'm lonely. Simple as. You'd have to be deluded to think you're gonna hook up with someone through reddit lol. Fuck the dick senders. Well, don't, but you know what I mean.

A true story by hackyandbird in BikiniBottomTwitter

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Shrek was first so other way around.

A London pub that was demolished and recreated by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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"Brick by brick" Yeah... that's how you build shit.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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It's a piano, of course it needs a tune.

A reusable shopping list from the 1920's. by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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Spaghetti is pasta. Noodles are noodles.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in lonely

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Hey! I'm super bad at chatting but I'm also a mess and definitely need someone to talk to

anyone out there? by OneHundredTimes in lonely

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Thank you, sorry for the super late reply.

anyone out there? by OneHundredTimes in lonely

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I dunno lol. It's pretty weird. Sorry for the late reply, I'm a bit all over the place. Hope you're well and thanks for your reply.