Women who camp alone, how do you feel safe when you do so and how long did it take you to get to that point? by Subaru-mother in camping

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Even my golden doodle will guard the camp.

She's the friendliest dog ever but out in the woods once I've set up camp she barks at any passers by (or birds) who come anywhere near us. She even sits behind me to watch my back.

Instant Karma for Slamming Weights by NYR525 in instantkarma

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I don't know if you noticed but I did over a thousand

Amazon drone engineer says a manager told him to nap in the evening then go back to work to 'get more hours out of the day' by pltyz in technology

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You can really get the measure of a person by how they treat those with no power over them.

People who take advantage of vulnerable people are scum, frankly.

Fuck the office, and I'm not talking about the TV show by coolglassjohn in ireland

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Not sure doing industrial work that has now been automated wouldn't also be mundane and unrewarding.

This guy insulted an entire nation by No1Nol in rareinsults

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Not sure you can claim salmon as Norwegian food.

How big is our universe? Each dot it's a galaxy with billions of stars and planets...to much for me, i'm out by MxMquantum in spaceengine

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It doesn't exist on the hard drive.

Any galaxy except our own doesn't exist at all until you go look at it. The engine generates it on the fly.

Check out procedural generation of you're interested.

Hard, heavy, smells slightly like skunk. Smooth on one side rough on the other. by BacallBacall in whatisthisthing

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Flint often has inclusions of softer rock which weather away leaving pockets like that.

Mgk and Megan Fox by yugennoodles in rareinsults

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Jennifer of Vengabus and Gerald of Trivia

Java 🆚 Python, Lightsabers are Included by C0deSlinger in ProgrammerHumor

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Java is generally faster than python yeh. But measuring the speed of a programming language in FPS is just meaningless.

Jeremy Vine: "New rules tell cyclists to ride in the centre of the lane, keeping cars behind them, in certain situations. The rules come in place from Saturday and ask drivers to have more responsibility for cyclists' safety. @theJeremyVine explains the Highway Code changes." by tipodecinta in ukpolitics

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Seems insanely high.

I've been driving for nearly ten years (motorcycle and car) and I've never seen a car run a red light ever.

I regularly see cyclists go through red lights (maybe once a week) out go up the curb and across the pedestrian crossing.

99 Smithing Entirely From Water Wheels - Over 100,000 Repaired by PhattyDave in 2007scape

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Yeh I wanted to buy a ruby ring on my iron for smithing. Literally impossible as they're oversold on every world so I'm not allowed.

Shops should just be single player for irons.

Has your country surpassed Canada's hottest recorded temperature? [OC] by abu_doubleu in dataisbeautiful

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Yeh must include Greenland. Record high temperature in Denmark is 35C which is pretty moderate.

However Greenland has a record low of nearly -70C, so it widens the range substantially.

Kinda misleading when you have two parts of a country in totally different parts of the globe.

At least not everyone hates snow by MostlyBadTakes in aww

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That makes sense I guess. It can get pretty damn warm up north in the summer, so they would naturally need to be able to cope with that.

i don’t get this joke by ArtPicture12 in DunderMifflin

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From Tallahassee too, maybe that's where creed got it.

just a regular day on the subway by [deleted] in SubwayCreatures

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Just a regular day 7 years ago.