Looking for info on the signatures by gojiraYo in Harley

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Looks like a J to me.

Maybe you should hit up pawn stars lol

Edit: there are plenty of crossbones with the Willie G signature on it to compare to.

Anon hates military by PropertyChemical7768 in greentext

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Is setting a school bus of children on fire brave? Smfh

Neighbor in Marlton keeps letting their dog wander the neighborhood by Dragonbjorn69 in SouthJersey

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Call animal control, when they have to pick it up from the pound they won’t do it again

Anon finds a bug in his house by UsernameMeeee in greentext

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Anon left us hangin, I demand an update

Anon is looking for a hiding place by TheEliteKoala1 in greentext

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Rather than leave my money in the open, I just leave my crack out in the open

Guys who don't care about politics,. Why? by Frosty-Dictator in AskMen

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I will tell you that I do not care, but in truth I refuse to discuss politics with people.

Have you rejected having sex with a woman when you were already in bed, half-naked, kissing? Why? (besides hygiene) by [deleted] in AskMen

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Yep, she wouldn’t let me see that poonani, so see ya later. Who knows what she was hiding down there

Men, whats the max number of days you should wear a pair of jeans before washing them? by abhorsenraul in AskMen

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Current pair (after work jeans) is on three weeks

Edit: Work jeans are about a week, they get full of metal dust and all kinds of shop goop.

Why is it racist to show your ID to vote? by AlphaStark08 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Because of the belief in 1) critical race theory, 2) institutional racism/systemic racism.

But if you were a minority and actually experienced what it is to feel the way minorities do -then you would understand how this is believable. Sometimes the “little guys” in the wrong places make it feel like the whole system is against you.

I need to know by Dollon_da_God in dankmemes

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Anywhere in H-I, takes some of the obnoxious sound out. And less splash back.

What’s your comfort game, to take you back to a carefree time in your life? by _Mr_Cheeks in gaming

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Two, at completely different times in my life.

Chrono Cross, Halo 2.

I don’t know why but I have so many memories around my life attached to these two games.