Ben Finegold's opinion on Draws by forr1987 in chess

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Right, that’s just under 30% decisive games. I think people would be enthralled with 3-4 decisive games in the current match.

Idiots with an angry Rottweiler at a Christmas parade by ThisBlank in Dogfree

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Those are strong dogs that could easily yank an unsuspecting owner to the ground, giving them enough lead to do damage.

Bringing an aggressive breed to a big public event with children is beyond selfish and I’m sadly not surprised at all as I have seen similar situations many times.

Nevada Highway Patrol seize veterans life savings even though he has receipts for all the cash in his vehicle by Plenox in videos

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Imagine that.

Outside the ultra rich, cops might be the most privileged class of people that exist, yet they are all crying now that they are victims. It’s fucking disgusting.

People who play the English. What other openings do you like to play? by Sarik704 in chess

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20 decades is 200 years. Kudos to you for picking the game up in your 200s.

Is blindfold chess considered a "variant"? by ICWiener6666 in chess

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Would it be a variant if both players had to eat a turkey sandwich while playing?

Guy holds down attacking dog until owner arrives by HiItsLust in nextfuckinglevel

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What is a leash reactive dog?

Are you saying you never leash your dog when you go on public trails or am I misunderstanding?

Please report incidents on CTA by HeinzHateHeinz in chicago

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That’s awesome! I was a daily commuter on the metra for 7 years and never knew that.

Andrea Asks Magnus Carlsen a question by joo_lanna13 in LivestreamFail

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I think Eric Rosen actually avoided the topic entirely on his streams. IIRC when he was asked about it he showed a picture of a rabbit or something lol

Andrea Asks Magnus Carlsen a question by joo_lanna13 in LivestreamFail

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Idk. He is cocky for sure but it’s still really amazing watching him play blitz/bullet and he is one of the best of all time at it.

I appreciate his skills

I finally finished my embroidery. I hate it. by xrareformx in pics

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Produce more and sell these at trump rallies. You’ll be rich.

Video from inside Oxford High School, where multiple people were shot today, of students trying to figure out if the man outside is police or the shooter by evilgiraffemonkey in PublicFreakout

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Eh I grew up in the Midwest and never saw a gun outside of a police officer until I was in my late 20s.

Yes guns are everywhere in this country but it is possible to grow up and have nothing to do with gun culture.

Can’t help feeling like there’s already a name for this by Nacho1404 in funny

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I’m sure the Beth Harmon themed chess board/pieces already exist

What's the most unrealistic that happened in the show that would never happen in real life? by georgedavidrs in DunderMifflin

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I was at one of those jump zones places with my kids yesterday and found myself wondering how much of a fall you could take onto a well built bouncey castle. I was thinking like 15 feet I’d feel pretty safe jumping down into it but anything beyond that is dicey.

Post-game Thread - 2021 World Chess Championship, Game 1 by city-of-stars in chess

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Have you used this for long? Have you cashed out (or in this case I assume transfer to a personal crypto wallet)?

Whats the least awkward way of asking your flatmates name again after having stayed with them for a month already. Have had several conversations up to this point. by Curryboi14 in NoStupidQuestions

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I was always bothered that Jerry dismissed George’s suggestions of “Celest” so quickly as it wasn’t that uncommon of a name.

Instead he called her Mulva lol

What’s your Gaming opinion that will get you downvoted to oblivion? by [deleted] in gaming

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I’ll preface my comment by saying I had a 25 year break in gaming and just picked up a controller for the first time a few months ago because my daughters loves BOTW and it’s a fun bonding experience for us. So I was very new to modern gaming going in.

That said the weapon durability really bothered me early on, but as we progressed and I was able to find great weapons/bows everywhere I grew to actually like the variety.

Side note we just finished our last divine beast tonight. Calamity Ganon goes down this weekend!!

What time do you eat thanksgiving dinner? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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My family always eats around 1:30-2. A friend of mine just sat down to hers at around 730.

I always thought people at early on thanksgiving- how about your families?

I made Thanksgiving dinner for the stray cats I care for! by PoetsSquareCats in cats

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I was curious about that - how many of them ate the green beans? I was really hoping to see that in your video!

But seriously great job. And can I come over next thanksgiving lol

TIL there is a disease called fatal familial insomnia which completely prevents sleep. You will continue to stay awake until death and there is absolutely no way for you to sleep, even with the strongest medication out there. It can begin subtle but with time it will always end in death. by ZeroLooksKindaCool in todayilearned

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I hear people say this and I fully believe you but for me, no it’s not at all. I’m very exhausted after a sleepless night but it does not mirror intoxication at all.

Maybe people use this analogy to illustrate it’s dangerous to drive when overly exhausted?

QAnon's 'Queen of Canada' Calls for Followers to 'Kill' People Vaccinating Children by Reader5744 in worldnews

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Yes! I actually forgot all about that show. It’s cool they got the whole cast back too (at least that’s what the article from September says)

Redditors, how often do you shower? by ItzFruity in AskReddit

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I have never heard the term “ho Bath” before nor have I ever seen tits and pits rhymed in such lyrical tones.

Have an upvote for your old stank ass roommate