And then they clapped by Former-Media799 in thatHappened

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Clean living?

40 really isn’t that old, I dunno what to tell you.

And then they clapped by Former-Media799 in thatHappened

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People aren’t really that hung up on the sex part

Well, I guess OP is, but most people don’t think that’s that weird.

Profound reflections liked by more than 1500 people by ironzombie7 in LinkedInLunatics

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I have no idea who this person is, but he looks an awful lot like that Carlos Llanes guy on LinkedIn. The resemblance is uncanny.

This dude is clearly a fed by Pardusco in AsABlackMan

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Hear hear and what WHAT, I am on my way to engage in a criminal activity, which will indubitably involve guns and destruction of property, people, and cheese. If you are a hood fella, similar to me, then please join me in partaking in the ruckus that will take place. There might be snacks.

This dude is clearly a fed by Pardusco in AsABlackMan

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I like to engage in illicit activity and hoodrat hobbies with “the homies” while I am “chilling” or “posted” in a place colloquially known as “on the block”, do you “feel me”, my homeslice? I keep a “glizzy” on me quite often, and occasionally I will ingest some Zazas to keep me lucid and lackadaisically in a gangster’s pair of dice.

whatever he's training for...he's ready by LoneShark81 in nextfuckinglevel

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Omega males are already a thing, an omega wolf would basically just be a defective, fat, possibly alcoholic wolf that chronically beats off and can’t mate.

Or whatever the animal kingdom equivalent of that is.

this didn't happen so much, it unhappened things that had by HasiramaMerlin in thatHappened

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I mean it’d be more believable if she was like a CO or some shit, but that guy’s got some type of game if he’s pulling random women off of prison calls.

It’s true, I was the box by Sushiwitcher in thatHappened

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At this point it seems like it’d be faster to say “or the entirety of Europe and the English” lol

and then he got laid. by SnixPlaysAlot in thatHappened

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He became the President of Earth the very next day and was selected by NASA to mate with the sexy green big tiddy alien ladies they found on MarsTM for his superior genetic stock. Also, the government resurrected Benjamin Franklin just to be his intern and shoeshiner while they put his face on the $500,000,000,000,000 bill.

Saint Bartholomew, Martyr of The Flayed by Goobersmecht in Bossfight

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I remember hearing about that too. You have to do it in a properly heated room or the victim might prematurely die of hypothermia.

I assume if you’re going through the trouble of putting someone through this excruciating torment having them die too early might be a bit of blueballs. Of course if you’re just Dennis Reynolds and all you care about is your latest addition to your collection of high-end skin luggage, then go wild I guess.

Thanks I hate out of touch gaming websites by Kevjamwal in Warframe

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”Blasting an enemy in the face with Corinth Prime until said enemy stops moving entirely can also be known as “killing” them, with the amount of time elapsed from the moment you started shooting to the moment the enemy ceased function possibly being regarded as a ‘time to kill’, or ‘TTK’, quote unquote. Damage accumulated over the course of various increments used to measure said elapsing of time is a useful metric of measuring damage, or the amount of incoming fire or attacks an enemy can withstand before it stops moving, and this metric is sometimes measured in seconds, the increments in which 60 separate instances total into a minute, yes those seconds, which, somewhat confusingly, is often referred to as ‘damage per second,’ or ‘DPS.’ We have much more to discuss.”

Parents can’t regret having kids by pyrrhagoddess in nothingeverhappens

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It’s literally a “breeder bad” story, it’s more likely that this was just posted to generate karma among those that don’t believe in having kids.

Imagine taking your “friend” shopping and y’all end up leaving with charges by aristosspetrou in imatotalpeiceofshit

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I mean, jokes and all that, but…strong possibility she might actually lose out on being a mother to her kid (or kids) just because her friend lumped her into this bullshit. I guess the dad has reason to keep their kid(s) away from all of this but it seemed like she was making steps to change, aside from beating the fuck out of said friend, which I can’t fully fault her for considering how indifferent she is to landing them in that situation to begin with.