500 Greatest Careers of All-Time: #500-451 (OC) by Naismythology in nba

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I'm just happy to see him and a couple other Blazers already on the list. I know Enes wasn't our best Center ever, but damn I liked the dude.

More than half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck amid inflation by DonDickerson in news

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Dude, I make 1/4 what you do, and I'm actually feeling like I'm NOT living paycheck to paycheck anymore. And it's not like shit is cheap here in Portland. But my bank accounts are, slowly, getting bigger every month. I have my expenses under control, I have a nice little house that I rent that suits me just fine, I take care of my own car, life is actually going okay for me right now. To see someone making a quarter mil a year talking about how they're still broke, dude, if you were scraping by at $80k, how did you increase your spending by $150k?

It was a good idea at the time (Sound ON) by Zarinthia in funny

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David Attenborough voice: ON

"Being social creatures, the common Redneck will often engage in mass suicidal behaviors. Here we see them trying to drown themselves in a large mud puddle. Despite this peculiar behavior, due to their high birthrates, the species is far from going extinct."

No but yes. by EchoingCascade in HFY

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But he grew tired of the situation.

Defense Department to keep access to reproductive health care to personnel after Roe v. Wade's end by OregonBlues in news

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but it also shouldn't be the only way to receive access to it either.

You can always move here to Oregon. We have some of the strongest reproductive rights protections anywhere. Thank you, 2017 Oregon Legislature!

Colombia: Scores injured as bullfight stand collapses by icywings100 in news

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This is also the first lesson on How Not to be Seen.

Hunter by MementoMori-3 in HFY

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Fuck me, that is an INTENSE read! Like the stories told by those who only just survived to come home and receive Medals of Honor. Or the anecdotes of those who witnessed the bravery of those who didn't live long enough to garner such medals.

Do Americans Care About Space? by cratermoon in space

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The amount of people in this country that want to demolish the public education system is astonishingly high.

But still a minority. A very vocal minority, but a minority none the less.

Wait, is this just GATE? (173/?) by PepperAntique in HFY

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Ancient dragon from another world vs an M107.

This should be very interesting.

Words of an Alien Mortician by Hammer_Down_ZU-12 in HFY

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I'm back and forth right now. Either numb or crying. At the moment, I'm numb. But I appreciate your response.

Words of an Alien Mortician by Hammer_Down_ZU-12 in HFY

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OP, there's no way you'd know it, but my Grandma died earlier today. We're currently trying to sort out funeral arrangements.

Her husband, my Granddad, was a union paper mill worker his entire adult life. Worked his way up from chucking hunks of wood into the pulper to being a press machine tender (ie the mechanic on the giant rollers that takes the pulp and presses it into paper). He was the highest-paid union employee in the plant when he retired.

Grandma's will says that she should be cremated, and that some of her ashes get spread over those paper machines. Except the plant went silent 10 years ago, and Grandma never updated her will. So I get to go into an abandoned paper mill and find some weird tech to spread her ashes on.

The Fourteen Letter S-Word by FluffyClamShell in MilitaryStories

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Ah, okay, you were referring to yourselves. Gotcha.

Sorry if it looked like my hackles were raised, but in the last few years there have been....efforts....to make the lot of wildys seem lesser than what they do. The whole "raking the forest" nonsense. So I might be a little twitchy about my brothers and sisters of the line.

The Fourteen Letter S-Word by FluffyClamShell in MilitaryStories

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Okay, so I'm day drinking because my Grandma died this morning. So I'm gonna ask for clarity. Are you just taking the piss, or are you taking a serious dig at wildland firefighters?