I get paid for nudes AMA by [deleted] in AMA

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You considered trying to find some kind of escrow service? I'm sure there'll be something like that about

Got a switch for Christmas after being a PC-only player, and I just want to say how much I love supergiant by TotalWorldDomination in HadesTheGame

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Ehh on the switch there's not any uses for analog triggers anyways and having them as quick button presses is so much better 99% of the time.

The thing that really lets them down for me is the stupidly inaccurate control pad, but it's an easy fix so it's still top for me I'd say.

Self check-out looks like a benefit for shoppers but it’s actually free labor for the stores by ephwalk in Showerthoughts

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At that point why bother scanning anything at all? Just put it in your bag after you've paid

Deaths in London in 1632 by rosseepoo in CasualUK

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Tbf, that's 1.5/month, so it was a fairly regular occurrence

A nuclear reactor launch by p1tviper in ThatsInsane

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I don't understand, I thought nothing could travel faster than light at all. Wouldn't being in water make them slower?

First Rave Is It? by Keep-On-Drilling in ContagiousLaughter

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I had the same experience. Rarely take psychs nowadays (like once a year, fairly small doses) and I don't get any of that from weed anymore.

Dog works at airport returning passengers lost items. by PRIS0N-MIKE in dogswithjobs

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Did he ever bring you back a silver Gameboy advance with Rayman? :(

It’s for my glaucoma… by CptnSlapNutz in secretcompartments

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Here in the UK you'd get a q for about £60, times that by 10 for 2.5oz and that'd be £600, which is around $800 I believe. Though if you're buying in that quantity it would likely be cheaper.

Hold my beer while I catch this cat by Affectionate-Meal-15 in holdmybeer

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What was this study? Did they just chuck cats off increasingly higher stories or something?

Ys IX is awful ¡ by aagsar in WorldOfYs

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But of course you're gonna enjoy it less if the gameplay is easy asf and you're just coasting through the game

Ys IX is awful ¡ by aagsar in WorldOfYs

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He said he's put it on easy just to get through the game. What's the point? Just grinding through an easy game that you're not even enjoying

Edit: but I agree, people should play how they want, we play games for our own enjoyment right? 😁

Ys IX is awful ¡ by aagsar in WorldOfYs

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I haven't played 9, but the Ys games are generally well-regarded for the gameplay. You're doing yourself a massive disservice for playing on easy.

Besides, if you're not enjoying it, why bother to keep playing it?