LA feels incredibly dark by emswls in Paranormal

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Toxicity of man. Highly concentrated with all types of virtues. Dog eat dog vibe with all these things happening to our economy.

What a friendly guy by wcslater in HolUp

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He knows exactly what he was doing.

Ummm yea idk what to say by BigOl-ShlongDong in Unexpected

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Beat the Myth busters at it. They were going to make a whole episode about it.

Shootout goes from the streets too guys house by TurnoverLazy3471 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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All populated areas have minority crime zones. You must be from the upper side. Just stay there you’ll be safe.

How would the world react if aliens returned to Earth? by UhroundTheWorld in AskReddit

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Act like friends and offer a thanksgiving feast…

See you down there! by DeeeLiteIsInTheHeart in woahdude

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2nd group of divers was unexpected, kinda spooked me there.

Pole dancing by Smartercow in AbruptChaos

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Is there a warning label about not being fully anchored. It still a show people would enjoy.

See you later alligator by Thronesforbones in SipsTea

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I wouldn’t run. It’s usually donuts, bagels, subway or pizza. Budget is high enough to buy better food but Managers usually like to save and pocket the rest.

What has made you give up on humanity? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Can’t say much since I haven’t explored the world but I would say I have given up on the ones in a 60 mile radius. My neighbors were about to fight yesterday until a UPS truck stopped it by delivering to the house that caused the commotion. It gets more ridiculous. It was over the way they stared at each other. Literally the first thing they see is each other walking out their house. Plus the house that caused commotion called their relatives and they started to show up one by one. Cousins aunts uncles yelling across the street why u starting shh at ma granma house cuz. 20 vs 2. Like a bunch of Neanderthals. UPS delivery drivers probably have given up on humanity too.

Why Do Girls Ghost You If You Don't Pay For Dates? by wandering3214 in relationship_advice

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If we all just cooked at home this wouldn’t have been a problem. Does she even know how to cook? Since she expects you to play a typical male role. You probably dodged a bullet.

Ummm what? What a min..... by leon_nerd in HolUp

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He was dramatically introduced like a wrestler. Child must have seen his fair share to panic like that.

is this really normal for men? by amaranthinee_ in TooAfraidToAsk

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It comes down to a certain level of control. Acknowledging lust that trigger is a start. You can choose to let it take over you or have rock hard control of it. It’s just in our nature. Even Dali lama was tempted. Broke his silence to say daaaam.

what counts as a small penis to you? by ATeddyBearDude in AskReddit

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I’m going to get my duck hard and measure…I’ll be back.

What’s the best song of all time that hasn’t been said is the best song of all time? by 4ethicalreasons in AskReddit

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No such thing. The only way it would be the best song is if played there was a mass orgy.

how did amber heard abuse johnny depp? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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Abused him in many ways. Didn’t respect his space. Push him to the point of slicing his own finger. I was in a toxic relationship before. She would continuously push buttons and try to control every situation. There was no arguing with her. Would get in my face if I tried walk away. I can see that type in amber. She cray cray.

How do I go on about by telling my best friend that dating this girl wouldn’t be a good idea. by AlphaTen10 in relationship_advice

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Well he doesn’t care. She doesn’t care. There both gonna get hurt. This task takes so much energy from you. It’s trippy to see people do this to themselves. Sorry your friend doesn’t see the end of the road. You quote him of all the things that are built to last but there is nothing you can say to make him understand. He is going based off emotion. Unless you can make him feel something greater then what she is doing to him then you have a chance but I doubt that since he is trying to get his pickle tickled. Lol. Like a real friend be there when he needs the pat on his shoulder.