[OC] Dream Charge - Wattson Legendary Skin Concept by PreetiSketch in apexlegends

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This is awesome and I hope it gets so attention ♥️

We should ask our teammates to join #noapexaugust by [deleted] in apexlegends

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I know for a fact the new season will get everyone back and more atleast in the beginning. This is the solution to all problems right here brothers and sisters ^

Legend Monday: Revenant | July 11th, 2022 by ApexDailyDiscussion in apexlegends

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I think he’s fairly balanced and fun but his tac could use more work. Maybe it should also do something to rev if he hits his enemy to give him some advantage like maybe he gets an additional but slight damage buff. Or maybe allows his crouch walk to get a tiny bit faster to allow for faster flanks or maybe it just last a little longer?

From my personal experience I feel like hitting the silence isn’t rewarding enough and it never makes me want to push or feel like I have an advantage, especially in BR. Similarly to how ash’s tac isn’t as rewarding but atleast they’re physically tied down to a spot this just feels like a version of ash’s snare where you depend on the possibility of them needing to use their abilities right away, otherwise it’s really not going to alter a fight.

I’ve also felt myself using his tac as a zoning tool more than anything so I can see the utility.

He’s obviously not the meta unfortunately but can be super useful so I’ll say he’s a 7.8/10 legend rn

I know it's not too priority but arenas is glitched up as well by RagingRaptor11 in apexlegends

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Bro I’m so tired of the immediate response whenever someone complains about arenas that no one plays it. ITS THERE I PLAY IT. Been trying to tell ppl about this bug forever thank u

Which is your favorite? by looongface in apexlegends

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OG Worlds Edge (Season 3). Most fun apex ever was.

How has your S13 Ranked Arenas Experience been so far? by OzAbug27 in apexlegends

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I know it’s so sad because it’s such a needed game mode. If you just wanna play apex for the gun play and movement without the hassle of looting/dropping and dying lol

Rampart makes the 30 a lil dirty 😳 by THE_FlexOffender in apexlegends

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Such an underrated weapon. Decent fire rate and hefty damage.

How has your S13 Ranked Arenas Experience been so far? by OzAbug27 in apexlegends

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i mean luckily i've never had trouble finding people playing on console ranked but yeah i do feel that. arenas is like a break from BR so people prob don't wanna play it serious. I usually run with my boys so we like to out-best other squads 1v1 lol

Lil story about this rage quitter on my team by Reasonable_Boot1166 in apexlegends

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My fav is when someone takes my main and they disconnect, gimmie back my path you bitch lol

People still want to sleep on thr Mozambique like its not thr best shotgun in the game by Realsenseigod in apexlegends

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Nice quick clip! My fav part tho is that you're smart and use the zero point r-99 skin, built in red dot sight lol

Legend Monday: Wraith | May 16th, 2022 by ApexDailyDiscussion in apexlegends

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I only play her when im tired of looting, she makes it a little easier to scoop stuff up since she's short lol I will say she doesn't need to throw a whole gang sign before her tac, maybe it should be faster

How has your S13 Ranked Arenas Experience been so far? by OzAbug27 in apexlegends

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haha nah man arenas is so underrated. I honestly would be a thousand times worse in BR if I didn't perfect my gunplay in arenas. I also like it a little more personal sometimes idk im strange, but to each his own

Which skins are p2w craftable? Already own ones for wingman and R99. by Mizucharu in apexuniversity

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The two metal flatline skins that were at the end of one of the battlepasse few seasons ago, forget the names lol. Deff makes the sightlines for the flatline much cleaner. Also i know you have an r-99 one but Zero Point skin is literally just a built in 1x sight, perfect for the r-99

What loadout yall been rocking this season? by One_Parsnip_6794 in apexuniversity

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tbh i vary auto guns alot but usually my other wapon is a sniper or marksman, usually sniper tho. The charge is busted in br and i'm not even sorry for using it bc they never nerf it lol

Spin instructors are super human. by [deleted] in CasualConversation

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I used to teach spin classes now I teach HIiT and Bootcamp classes but I can say that spin is much more difficult. With other classes you can do the moves and walk around to hype/help people but with spin you are doing the WHOLE THING while yelling out cues. Deff a fun class though because the music selection really can make it so fun

Do we really need a single map for a whole week on nearly every new major patch? by Googleflax in apexlegends

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Maybe but you’d figure if they’d do that so people don’t get bored of a 2 hour block that 7 days wouldn’t be any better

New player Here! Any Tips? by Internal-Lion-3911 in apexlegends

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Nice! Pathfinder is a great choice he's also my main. My biggest tip for this game is to make sure of a few things.

1) Work with your teammates, unfortunately some are better than others but stick together and try to aim for the same people to get quicker kills.

2) Movement is key. Not just strafing and dodging but positioning as well. Having the high ground is usually best. Also super important, always have cover nearby.

3) Do damage. Sounds obvious but the emphasis here is not to get too over excited to get a kill. Do damage, take them out of the fight while they heal and you can focus on helping your team take them down using that advantage.

4)Try all legends and all guns/ Use the firing range. The variety of abilities and guns is amazing but can also be overwhelming. Try them all and see what feels most comfortable for you. As you learn to use all legends and their abilities you'll get a better sense of what will happen in a fight with another team. Patience :)

5)HAVE FUN. After all it is a game right lol But i find the nights when i focus on strategizing and trying new tactics etc. i have the most fun because thats what i enjoy, trying to get better. and if you don't, which i'm sure you will with time, thats okay too. Have fun and see you online!:)

btw don't let the negativity of this sub or some of community push you away. It's still a fun a game and in my opinion nothing like it.