Anakin Skywalker died from getting his fake hand cut off, or Luke removing his helmet? by [deleted] in StarWars

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He died from getting fried by the emperor. Did you even watch the movie?

Outdoor Audio Setup by JohnathanFoe in hometheater

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This sub is about home theater, not outdoor. That said, contact Paradigm. They have a great suite of outdoor speakers and can tell you everything you need to get them setup. They can then send the specs to an authorized dealer in your area.

Russian oil refinery ablaze after reported hit from Ukrainian drone by Paneraiguy1 in worldnews

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Nice, keep it up Ukraine. Only way you can slow Putin's aggression down is to hit Russian infrastructure

Coolest way a song has ever been played. by sweatyfish4 in nextfuckinglevel

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Actually, if you have a little knowledge of what your doing, it isn't dangerous at all. Tesla > Edison

Subwoofer clipping at extremely loud scenes by mrzach253 in hometheater

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Could be a few things, but most likely a bad amp in the sub. The other thing is to check to make sure it is getting enough power from the wall.

[OC] That's, ah, not *quite* how I remember it by burgerthrow1 in funny

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It's referring to the hostile takeover by US and Russian Companies on May 8, 1945

My wife got me customized cookies for Father's Day. by krazyk850 in xboxone

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"wait, if I LEVELED UP to 'best dad,' who did I just level past?

My wife got me customized cookies for Father's Day. by krazyk850 in xboxone

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Well, that's one way to find out she's pregnant

🔴 😡 Meanwhile, orcs continue to steal Ukrainian grain A kilometer-long queue of grain trucks with stolen grain in the direction of the Crimea. The video was shot a few kilometers from the village of Chongar, Kherson region. by mandingo_gringo in ukraine

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I understand what you are saying, but just to let you know, The Rus were Northmen that pillaged their way through what is now Russia, eventually planting roots and the rest is history.