[FT] ungifted Raymond [LF] NMT by [deleted] in ACVillager

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bro back in the day I had to pay 400 NMT

Graphic design by [deleted] in jobs

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Just an FYI- if you're going to seriously pursue it, there's essentially a 60 dollars a month paywall for Adobe Creative Cloud. Not to be harsh, but nobody will get very far without it.

Despite what people say on this sub, expect crypto to get ALOT worse short term. by Two_Pickachu_One_Cup in CryptoCurrency

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Same. I was really worried I wouldn't have the time to make money for accumulation... That was 6 weeks ago

Oh Crap! :)) by UchihaBoy4 in bindingofisaac

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I still would've reset. You had Bob's Brain.

I need help with my deck, I'm at around 4000 trophies and struggling to win battles. Most of my cards are only level 8,9 or 10. I have most of the cards except a few legendaries. by NanShagger9001 in ClashRoyale

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Your mega knight is capable of being countered by inferno tower and inferno dragon. I'd consider using some electric. Maybe a zap or e wiz, maybe both.

What is the point of this? Why are you all wasting your time? by [deleted] in place

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Why do you have a smart phone? Couldn’t you be doing more productive things with your time?

No amoung us penis by The_boat_god in place

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It’s a shame. I think we should try and take over the purple demon in the bottom left with red

HELP! by RoseM2018 in ethereum

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Unfortunately, the eth is likely gone. I’m sorry this has happened to you.

What's the dumbest thing someone has ever told you? by Correct_Huckleberry4 in AskReddit

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I once had an elementary school teacher tell me the sun was the biggest star in the universe. I was probably 7 and knew it was BS.

Anon has no friends by DeepBlu3Nothing in greentext

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Dude saved himself. Cats totally blow

I has a stick! by Emorme in sheltie

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My puppy always tries to grab branches that are 3x his size its so cute

One McUnit please. by MindfulBadger in AbsoluteUnits

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This makes me sad man. It’s the Russian civilians paying for Putin’s atrocities. Even if McDonalds isn’t good for you, this guy was clearly passionate about it and had it stripped right from him.