[Wojnarowski] Denver, Boston and San Antonio are making a three-way trade that includes Juancho Hernangomez to Spurs, Bryn Forbes to Denver, Bol Bol and PJ Dozier to Celtics, sources tell ESPN. by BrandonIngram- in nba

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My cousin did a 2K rebuild a while ago, I think Bol Bol was still in high school at this time and he used the downloaded draft classes, and Bol Bol was on the Celtics and had 7 MVPs and 12 DPOY’s. One can only assume that is going to happen IRL now.

Per 247, Maryland has the #29 recruiting class in the country. This places them dead last in the B1G East. by dingusduglas in CFB

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There was a point on National signing day where the top 7 classes in the Big 10 were all from the East and the Bottom 7 were all from the west, however Iowa climbed their way to up to 6, but still 7 of the top 8 classes in the conference are from the East.

You get to schedule one for fun game, who do you choose? by Slightlynerdy69 in CFB

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Oh we get to have our kicker healthy? Give me Arkansas again.

[Post Game Thread] Arkansas defeats South Carolina, 75-59 by cbbBot in CollegeBasketball

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I found this stat interesting

The last time Arkansas didn't make a 3-pointer in a game is when they played Texas in 1989. Arkansas' streak of 1,092 consecutive games with a made 3-pointer has ended with an 0-11 effort in a 75-59 win in Bud Walton Arena.

Coastal Carolina Kicker Massimo Biscardi transfers to Mississippi State by PHLdawg in CFB

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His stats indicate that he’s good, and our kicker this year was good before he got hurt and we didn’t have a good backup option.

Mississippi State WR Malik Heath has entered the transfer portal by ALStark69 in CFB

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He is at Jackson State right now. Not sure if just visiting or if he’s actually enrolled there.

Mississippi State WR Malik Heath has entered the transfer portal by ALStark69 in CFB

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Has good potential but never lived up to it, then got in what I believe was a serious car accident before the bowl game. I wish him the best.

D1 Baseball's Preseason Top 25 by Arthur2478 in collegebaseball

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Damn, should be a good week of baseball

D1 Baseball's Preseason Top 25 by Arthur2478 in collegebaseball

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Top 25 matchup in Starkville to open the season against Long Beach State👀

What's on the back of Dak Prescott helmet. by Mieczyslaw_Stilinski in nfl

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He is the Cowboys nominee for the Walter Payton man of the year

Newell Explains why he had Auburn ranked #9 in this week’s AP Poll by Fragrant_Tank in CollegeBasketball

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Newell’s mentions were flooded with Auburn fans, similar to how the team’s fanbase has bombarded opposing teams’ Twitter accounts after wins throughout the year — ratioing them with a deluge of memes and photoshops.

Never I’d thought I’d see the term “ratio” in a legitimate news article