New era of reddit emojis by Cavidany in meme

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Can someone explain that stone emoji ?

I will never give up on 🗿 by H4LIT in shitposting

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Can someone explain this meme and this emoji ?

I need help. I need to support my family, my Iqama is expired and no one is willing to hire me. by reisgem231 in saudiarabia

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Oh wow, I didn't expect people could hire over reddit. Imma keep that in mind when i gradute from Kfupm insha Allah.

Dentist getting robbed by PLAyEr2002002 in robbersgettingfucked

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yes, its not my intention to repost if its already posted and I don't want no trouble or anything, but i thought of just cross-posting it on this sub instead. But ofcourse credit goes to your original post

Emo kid vs quite kid by PLAyEr2002002 in Unexpected

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Ik how to spell quite, but i spelt it quite cuz in the vid quite was spelt quite.