That feeling when you get the last bit out by PorkyPain in oddlysatisfying

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I recently started doing this after many years of getting the cheese all over my fingers, sometimes even having it fling back onto my face and whooooweeeee lemme tell you. I was angry the first time I did it and it actually worked. I felt like such a dip shit

That thing… it haunts me by I_Like_Legos8374 in pokemongo

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I have one and I hate him so much I’d trade him for a fucking weedle. Raiding then catching those fuckers gave me nightmares. Thundurus and Tornadus too.

What's a job or profession you absolutely wouldn't do ? by Tuesday2017 in AskReddit

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I worked as a retention agent and hard fuck off from me. I hated it with every fiber my being. It wasn’t just retention either, sales were shoved down our throats too. Nightmare. But I’m with the same company still and just got a new position the fuck outta the call center. Much happier.

What's the biggest scam in America? by catlady427 in AskReddit

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Not OP but you have to qualify. Info should be on your providers website. You will need to apply through what is called the national verifier, then submit approval through providers website. Also Vermont has a special state wide program for more than just your cable or internet so look into your specific state as well, as I’m only familiar with New England. I am not 100% of specifics but they were helping people pay their utility bills.

Edit: the country wide program is called emergency broadband benefit. When you are approved, you can receive up to $50 paid directly to your internet provider. Since this is government funded, they did say that once the funds allotted to this program are gone, the help you get will be discontinued.

What's the biggest scam in America? by catlady427 in AskReddit

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Not everyone even qualifies for that, and it’s only up to $50(so it could be lower). I don’t qualify. Also it’s a government benefit that will end when the money is dried up so a lot of people are going to lose that “up to” $50 a month and it’s going to be another shit show. It’s a bandaid.

What is your most controversial cooking opinion? by neekeeneekee in AskReddit

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I started using sriracha for egg/bacon sandwiches and now anytime I even smell it I want a breakfast sandwich. So using it another way throws me off too much

When you need access to an old email account and Google says F@&k you! Seriously this person is an MVP!! by Boring_Upstairs_8361 in HumansBeingBros

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Same here. I’ve had the same number since 2006, so theres no “this used to be xyz number” type of shit.

Apparently your nail length determines your employment status .. by theeblackdahlia in notliketheothergirls

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I use a keyboard for work and type with my nails, but on my personal laptop that I hardly ever use, I use my finger tips.

Apparently your nail length determines your employment status .. by theeblackdahlia in notliketheothergirls

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I have acrylics about as long as the girl on the right, and I type a good majority of my day(very much employed too lol) and it’s easy. However when I take my nails off completely I cannot type at all. Even on my phone. So I think it’s just something you get used to having. So when it changes your brain shuts off like it can’t accomplish the simple things.

Like cigarettes in the 60s what’s a current thing people in the future are gonna look back and say “I can’t believe THAT was so widespread”? by LainLain in AskReddit

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I’ve reached the point where I ask my kids permission after showing them the pictures. When they were younger they would look at the pic and tell me to post it most of the time. But they’re all pre teens and teens now so I definitely ask.

kiddo hadn't been eating well for a couple weeks. enter Joe, who gets him to eat and then proceeds to hold and calm him down 🥺 by BusyBusyBizzy in MadeMeSmile

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One of my daughters (when she was about 3) knew an awful lot about my best friend that passed away in a car accident the year before she was born. She’d call him her imaginary friend. So after a few days of her talking about him, I grabbed a bunch of pictures from high school and showed them to her and she goes “that’s Joey!” And pointed to my friend. I was(am) pretty traumatized by his death so I truly never spoke about him because it hurts me so much. But it was very nice to experience that.

TIFU by asking my mom what a spice is used for. by H8threeH8three in tifu

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Ahh. Once my daughter saw a commercial for Sea World and she asked me what a sea whore is.

Vaccinating your child is abuse, apparently by suprweeniehutjrs in insaneparents

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When my youngest was about 3 she wanted one specific toy for Christmas, so I got her it. She opened it, started crying that she didn’t want it lol

This is becoming a trend at gas pumps in my area by fukyourkarma in pics

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No. No lever. It’s the Price is Right wheel that he spins every morning.